Lost and Found Property

If you lose or find items of value, the correct procedure is to hand in/report to the local police station.  For Bramcote and Stapleford, the police are now based at the Council Offices at  Foster Ave, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1EH Phone:0115 967 0999.

However, what if you find/lose a much loved teddy or a pair of gloves, for example?  Try adding a comment at the bottom of this page and hopefully, we can reunite you! But please leave a reliable method for us to contact you.  We recently had a success locating a lost  IPad to not be able to contact the owner, because of insufficient contact details.

If you have lost or found a dog, contact Broxtowe Council, who offer a 24 hour service. They also have a Facebook page and can advertise the dog.

28 December 2017 –  Missing Cat – Billy, 3 year old black cat. Missing since Christmas day from 44 Troutbeck Crescent.    Please could anyone local please check your sheds and garages.   Thanks    tel : 0759 089 5312

24 July 2017  – Desperate for keys says:  Hello, Lost some keys with a lizard key ring, be v grateful to have them back.  

15 Responses to Lost and Found Property

  1. Donald McNab says:

    Lost in Bramcote Wood, behind Sunken Church, on Sunday 20th April – a gent’s smoking pipe. It is a rustic finished curved one, marked Ser Jacopo Picta no.1 on the bottom, and has a golden letter “J” on the stem.
    It is precious to me, so please contact on 0793 947 4382 if you have any information.

  2. Sue Sambells says:

    A rabbit has been found on Hickings Lane earlier today and the person who found it contacted the RSPCA and has it at her house.
    Do you or you know anyone who has lost there rabbit.
    Please leave a message (http://staplefordcommunitygroup.org.uk/2014/04/25/help-reunite-a-lost-rabbit/) and the person will contact you direct.

  3. Sarah says:

    Lost around Bramcote woods: A black Samsung galaxy tablet in a black case. Lost 26 May. It is really important that I get it back as it contains most of my college work and I cannot pass without the content.
    Thank you,

    Please contact the Editors of Bramcote Today with any information.

  4. Jinny Park says:

    I have lost 2 coats in chetwynd recreation in Beeston.
    1 coat is hilifiger, navy blue and hooded.
    The other is bright green and bright blue.

  5. Gemma T says:

    Lost a set of Peugeot keys on bramcote park

  6. Caroline R says:

    Lost around Stapleford/Bramcote on 3rd June new ladies watch, reward of £10 offered

  7. Does anyone own a black and white cat around the Rufford Avenue/Russley Road/Valmont Avenue estate? It has been seen coming into the house to eat food left out for my cat but is timid and won’t let me put a paper collar on him to try and trace the owner. I have posted on Facebook lost cat pages so you may see/hear people looking for it over the next week or so. Please call 0115 9392566 if you know anything.

  8. Desperate for keys says:

    Hello, Lost some keys with a lizard key ring, be v grateful to have them back.

  9. Enid Swetnam says:

    During the rain and wind of August 3rd, a toddler’s playtent blew into our drive. We rescued it, rather than have it blow further away and be damaged, but now would like to return it to its owner. Please telephone 925 6341 if you think it’s yours.

  10. Tricia C says:

    Lost my keys! Pug key toppers and a Cath Kidston purple dotty keyring. Also Nissan and ford cars keys.

    If you find them please call 0777 854 7015


  11. Tom G says:

    Missing Cat – Billy, 3 year old black cat. Missing since Christmas day from 44 Troutbeck Crescent.

    Please could anyone local please check your sheds and garages.


    tel : 0759 089 5312

  12. Amy Bodycombe says:

    Hoodie stolen inside bag at bramcote leisure centre today along with goggles and swimwear. Hoodie has my son’s nickname on it HAY as is his leavers hoodie from primary school. Precious to him. If found then please contact me.

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