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Loud bangs – source sought

This evening there have been two loud bangs, one around 7pm and another at 9.55pm. Does anyone know what they are? There have been similar bangs during the evening in the last week. Phil Sands

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Recent Gritting Issues In The Area

There have been various comments made on this website and on our Facebook page about the problems we all face resulting from the lack of gritting and in particular that the local authorities are only gritting the main roads. Our … Continue reading

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Say No To Monster Behaviour

Enjoy Halloween without becoming a monster later this month, by respecting Broxtowe Borough’s ‘No Trick or Treat’ Campaign. Broxtowe Borough Council have again teamed up with Nottinghamshire Police to urge local people to help put a stop to the anti-social … Continue reading

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Poor Service From NCT on No 30 Route

No. 30 Bus Delayed as Driver Did Not Turn up on Time. The No. 30 Bus left Milton Street, Nottingham at 12.50 pm this afternoon on time. However we had to wait about 18 minutes in Parliament Street for the next … Continue reading

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Problems with No 30 Bus Service this morning

The photograph is of the No. 30 Bus that was arriving at the Eyam Close, Bus Stop in Bramcote at approximately 10.00 am this morning.  I took the photo as it was a rare occasion as the 9.21 am and the … Continue reading

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STRAG Update

Zoe Cockcroft writes: We have now submitted our extensive documents to the Inspector, Jill Kingaby, for the Hearings into the Aligned Core Strategies which start on Tuesday 15th October in Nottingham city centre. Many thanks to Ken Mafham for his … Continue reading

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Traffic Chaos – 21 November 2012

This morning travelling from Bramcote to Beeston took me about 50 minutes when it normally takes 10 minutes.   Derby Road A52 was just stationary for minutes at a time.  I understand that Bus Services were almost non existant. I understand that … Continue reading

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Bus Problems ?

Peter Chatfield Writes – I have just read Anna Soubry’s latest which seems to confirm that the No.17 Bus is to cease. I have discussed the matter of buses locally, and last week when I went to catch a 17 … Continue reading

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More Pot Holes in Chesham Drive

We reported here a year ago.    The Pot Holes then mentioned were repaired. The photographs illustrate two more pot holes that have been created adjacent to recent repairs. I have reported these new pot holes to the Nottinghamshire County Council … Continue reading

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Management Speak!

BT has been a bit serious of late so I hope you don’t mind if I offer this bit of light-hearted fluff.

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Civil Service – National Strike – Broxtowe BC – Press Statement

A ‘national day of action’ will take place on Wednesday 30 November 2011 and some employees of Broxtowe Borough Council may be taking part. This could impinge on some services but the Council aims to minimise the effect on the … Continue reading

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Air ambulance warning over fake charity appeal

Have you received leaflets through your door? A company is leafleting homes in Nottinghamshire asking for clothing donations to support a fake air ambulance appeal.

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Pot Holes and Grass Verges

Bob Pattison wrote the following to Councillor Malin Radulovic a few days ago. My wife and myself have lived in the area controlled by Broxtowe Borough Council since 1967, firstly in Rivergreen Crescent but for the last 34 years in our present … Continue reading

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Town Street Closure from 18 April 2011

Nottinghamshire County Council have issued the following details regarding the temporary closure of Town Street

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When is a Bargain not a Bargain?

Submitted by Sue S. When it’s the “Bargain Bus 4”, run by Midland General. I rarely need to catch a bus into Nottingham and back, but I did this week (Tuesday 1st March). I had seen the Bargain Bus around, … Continue reading

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Town Street to be Closed

Town Street is to be closed from 18 April to 2 May.  Will this effect you ??   Is there an alternative route ?  Yes but it is a long way round.!!!  This is not the 1st time this road has … Continue reading

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