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Coventry Lane playing fields

Paul Nathanail writes:Throwing Coventry Lane playing fields to the inefficiency of privatised state education is not the answer. We now have the clearest indication we are likely to get that Convervative county councillors will NOT stop the highly risky giving … Continue reading

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Response from Alan Rhodes concerning the proposed Bramcote School Development

Ellie Winfield: Ihave today received this response from Alan Rhodes the Labour leader Of Nottinghamshire County Council. This was in response to the direct question I posed to him,: “is it true that Nottinghamshire County Council  are selling the Coventry … Continue reading

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“It always seems impossible until it is done”

Judith Nathanail writes: The title is a quote from – be inspired – Nelson Mandela. But the context is Bramcote and Stapleford. I have been putting various information on a GIS for the area I live in. In light of … Continue reading

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Having read B T this evening I have been prompted to respond as follows:- ‘Today’s Political Football ‘Postings’ on Bramcote Today between County Council Candidates and supporters are a little depressing in their semi personal comments, not least the ill … Continue reading

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Protecting Bramcote’s school infrastructure for a generation, or two (afternoon or evening broadcasts)

I am standing for election on 4 May to keep public ‎lands in public hands (#PublicLandsInPublicHands).  The Councillors we send to County Hall on 4 May will influence the education of our grand children and their grand children too.  Giving … Continue reading

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I care about Bramcote – Bramcote is my home! By Ellie Winfield

It has been suggested that my pledges reflect an interest only in Beeston North. This is simply not true. My proposal to start a school holiday lunch club at a venue in Beeston is reflective of the fact that child … Continue reading

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Housing development on Bramcote School playing fields

The proposed development is a complex issue with competing interests of environment, education and housing. The green space in Bramcote is an important nature corridor and locally Labour has a record of voting to prevent uncontrolled development there. However, we … Continue reading

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Fracking – Ellie Winfield reports:

In response to Pat Ratcliff, Paul Nathanial and Steve Carr I have contacted the Leader of the County Council and Nottinghamshire Labour Group Alan Rhodes and this is his response: “In respect of fracking, there have been no applications to … Continue reading

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Pat Ratcliffe writes: Please correct me if I’m factually wrong, but did a LABOUR council, yes, a LABOUR council, recently vote for more fracking in Nottinghamshire? And has a LABOUR council, the self same LABOUR council collaborated with Tories and … Continue reading

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House-building on the Bramcote School Site?

Paul Nathanail’s latest blog reveals the County Council is minded to sell off land occupied by the Bramcote School site for housing. Further details at:

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Will The Labour Party Hold A Referendum On EU Membership If They Form the Next Government?

Barry Morrison writes: So Scotland has had a referendum and the Scots have spoken so here’s a question for Nick Palmer. Nick: In the event of Labour being in power on 8 May next year, will you and all other Labour MP’s … Continue reading

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Labour have won Wollaton West By-Election

The by-election in Wollaton West was called following the death of Conservative Councillor Steve Parton.   The Conservatives had held this seat for some time. However the results of the election held yesterday are as follows:

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County Council Election – Over 60’s Votes and the Tram

If you are over 60 and if you live in the City, you can use your bus pass on the current tram network throughout the day. If you live in Nottinghamshire, this is not the case. You can’t use it … Continue reading

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Not In My Back Yard – An Electoral Albatross

Two crackers to date: Building on the Green Belt. HS2 and its affect on various areas in Broxtowe – Toton, Trowell, Strelley, Nuthall. Future elections will be very interesting!

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Pot Holes in Bramcote Roads

Bramcote Today has been publicising the poor state of the roads in Bramcote for some time. We do recognise this is a County wide and indeed national problem. However that does not stop us from pressing for repairs. I personally … Continue reading

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Field Farm Latest

Trowell Parish Council have accepted an offer of land from Mr Westerman if planning permission is granted for the proposed development by Broxtowe Borough Council. See Trowell Parish Council Minutes 4 December 2012, circulated on 9 January 2012.

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Action Needed Before Somebody Is Killed

I went out for a walk this afternoon and had occasion to cross the A52 at the pedestrian crossing between Moor Lane and Bramcote Leisure Centre. I safely crossed the Nottingham bound lane but, at the lane towards the Sherwin … Continue reading

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Pot Holes yet again

Pot Holes in our area have been a continuing topic since this web site was launched back in March 2011. If you use the Search facility on the right for ‘Pot Holes’ you will find a number of posts within the … Continue reading

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