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Elaine Morris writes:

Thank you to everyone who responded to the recent survey, I hope you will be interested in this report and action plan that I have drawn up based on the responses.

There were 8 respondents, the survey was constructed in such a way as to have mostly YES/NO answers, but I have also included details of the useful comments.

5 people had heard of Bramcote Care Group, either from neighbours/friends, BHCA newsletter, or because they were volunteers. Only 3 understood the service, but commented that the service was clearly set out in the newsletter or leaflet.

Suggestions regarding additional possible services included regular gatherings for the isolated, shopping, handyman, telephone calls and support while making important decisions.

Advertising suggestions include
Bramcote Animal Rescue
Facebook/social media
Doctors surgeries, hospitals, social services Newsletter/Bramcote Today Breeze/Grapevine/Topper Memorial Hall Churches Libraries

3 people felt that an alternative name would help, all suggestions retained the inclusion of ‘Bramcote’, with the additional of (in varying
I also wonder if the word neighbour or neighbourly would help but we must avoid confusion with Neighbourhood Watch. We are at the mercy of the vagaries of the English language – the inclusion of the word ‘care’ is intended to inform readers that Bramcote cares for its fellow residents, but must do so without implying that we provide ‘hands on’ care.

Other comments – ‘Don’t worry about having so few clients’, ‘Good that it exists even if it is not used’, ‘Not advertised widely enough’ ‘Do you have ID badges?’, ‘Is there a lead group that volunteers report to or get advice from?’ ‘Are there regular meetings?’

My response – I do not want to replicate any service that already exists, Silverline provides telephone calls, there are luncheon clubs, Age Uk provided lists of traders, BCG volunteers are encouraged to provide signposting to existing services. I have been reluctant to use wider distribution mechanisms such as Facebook or Breeze as I don’t want to set an expectation that we are able to provide services in a wider geographical area than Bramcote – any support about how this can be achieved will be gratefully received, including which library and GP surgery it is best to approach. We are already on social services database. The co-ordinator provides support to the volunteers, any meetings that have been in place have not been well attended.

1 BHCA newsletter to have a promotional section with the advice to cut out and keep or pass it on.
2 Leaflets given to BHCA committee members for them to pass on to neighbours
3 Leaflets to Practice Manager(s)
4 Contact Memorial Hall
5 Contact Bramcote Animal Rescue
6 Contact political parties to utilise their comms
7 Complete DBS process
8 Register with ‘Contact my Support’

Elaine Morris
07850 985 349

For Details About the Help Bramcote Care Group Can Give Contact:

Elaine Morris on 0115 939 2566 or mobile 0785 098 5349.
Julie Davenport on 0115 925 1029 or mobile 0795 764 8977