Start a new Discussion

It is fun to comment on existing posts. Hopefully the more debate the better informed we will all be, and Bramcote Today will be an increasingly accurate reflection of the entire community.

However, don’t forget you can also initiate a new discussion on a subject that interests you and we encourage you to send in opinion pieces and items for discussion. The jargon term for this is a ‘posting’ and you can start your own new post by e-mailing it to the team at

Posts from young people are especially welcome.

As long as it is relevant to the residents of our community, we want you to send it in. Controversy is acceptable; as long as it does not fall foul of the laws of libel or obscenity, or invade other people’s privacy, we want you to send it in.


Guidelines for Authors

There are two documents to assist authors of posts and comments. The first, Etiquette, suggests ways of promoting polite and safe discussion. The second, Policy, is a set of rules which will be applied to all submissions to the site to assess their suitability for publication. Please read both documents before sending in your items.

Format of Items

Initially we will accept all items submitted whatever the format. However, as we gain experience it may be that we will have to be more specific in specifying the digital formats that we can accommodate.