Comments and Posts Etiquette

  • Third Party Authorisation
    If sending in photos or information not already in the public domain that contain someone’s full name, address, phone number or email, please check they are happy with it.
  • Personal Identification
    Generally it is probably best only to use first names, or first names plus the first letter of the surname (e.g. Andy M). On occasions we may permit a post to be published under an alias, for example to promote debate on a potentially contentious subject. However, the Bramcote Today team will always be aware of the identity of authors.
  • Home Security
    Don’t mention when people are on holiday, especially if their home is left empty (you don’t know who is looking at the site).  Similarly try to avoid indicating specific times of the day when people’s houses will be empty.   Don’t mention, unless the owners are happy about it, personal property (e.g. that Stradivarius at The Great Hall); again, you don’t know who is looking at the site. This is also relevant if you are using photos taken indoors.
  • Personal Respect
    If you know the identity of someone using an online alias, don’t reveal that online; respect their online privacy.Remember if you comment on other people online, you will still have to meet them in the street or at the shops, on the bus or over the garden wall. A good rule of thumb is not to say online what you would not be willing to say to someone face to face. Don’t worry about using aliases – this is usual in ‘cyberspace’ – but also remember if you do say something too provocative, people will think they know who you are. That is not a problem if they guess correctly; the potential problems arise when they guess incorrectly, and someone else is held responsible for your views or statements.Don’t get carried away in the heat of the moment.
    However, if you do submit a comment and are subsequently unhappy with it, email the team at and we will delete the item from the site. For legal reasons we are unable to edit comments on an author’s behalf.