Councillor Martin Plackett informs Broxtowe BC meeting of events planned in Bramcote

Madam Mayor, Members, Members of the Public.  I would briefly like to inform Council of important events planned in Bramcote this coming year.

As I’m sure you are all aware this year 2018 marks the end of the First World War 100 years ago in 1918.

In order to mark, commemorate and remember this occasion at my instigation Bramcote Conservation Society acting as custodians of the scheme, are working with the Borough as the Council prepares the ground and to sow in the early Spring a stream of poppies in King George V Playing Fields.   Our King at the time of the Great War, as it is sometimes referred too.

It is hoped depending upon many factors that the poppies will be at their best from the end of June /early July.

Head of Environment Service Paul Summers along with direct involvement from our Parks Manager Tim Crawford has already seen implemented the initial ground work being done on the slopping perfect site in the Park.

A Community Group with Tim in attendance has been formed to plan three events during the year:-

The first on Saturday 21st April at 10.30 am  will involve young people from local schools and uniform organisations, such as Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Brownies, symbolically sowing seeds and planting 15 crosses in memory of the men from Bramcote who lost their lives in the conflict.

The Vicar of our Parish Church, St Michael and All Angels will preside and we note you Madam Mayor are planning to join us.

On Sunday afternoon the 1st July an open air Remembrance Service will be held in the Park conducted by my Vicar Reverend Paul Reynolds.   As part of the service a short playlet written by Pat Ashworth is to be performed by local folk telling the story of the 15 men from Bramcote who died.    An opportunity for us all to remember all those who lost their lives in service to our nation not just In the 14/18  but in subsequent conflicts.

Sunday 11th November it is hoped, but yet to be finalised, will see a part reenactment of the concert performed at the opening of the Church Street Memorial Hall in 1923, built in memory of those who had fallen.  Pat Ashworth working along side Val Bird our local historian and her team of local history enthusiasts who have much researched the 15 men their backgrounds and indeed their relatives have a copy of the original programme for the concert which they are hoping to replicate, if possible and where practical.
Val is hoping that some of the relatives who she is touch with may be able to attend some of the events.

At other times during the year it is hoped many will come to view the winding poppy stream and pool at its base to views the flowers and to spend time in reflection as we in Bramcote mark the anniversary.

I trust Madame Mayor, Members you will endorse all our endeavours and not least our Parks Team and the Conservation Society and Community Group involved in their preparations.

Thank You for taking the time to listen.

[This is a copy of Cllr Martin Placketts speech at the Full Council Meeting on 31 January 2018]

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2 Responses to Councillor Martin Plackett informs Broxtowe BC meeting of events planned in Bramcote

  1. Amanda Giles says:

    Please remember to include Foxwood Academy when planning your poppy seed sewing . Many thanks … Amanda , vice chair of Govenor’s

  2. Martin Plackett. Cllr Bramcote Ward B BC says:

    Already in hand Amanda. Thank you.

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