Councillor Martin Plackett seeks retention of Greenbelt status in Bramcote.’

Martin Plackett

‘Thank you Chairman for giving me the opportunity to speak briefly to your committee.’
> ‘I would first and foremost like to thank Bramcote’s Neighbourhood Forum for its diligence and hard work as it comes close to completing its Neighbourhood Plan.’
> ‘Their consultation process of meetings and workshops totally around 20 in the last 18 plus months, most of which I have attended,  giving Bramcote folk the opportunity to engage in the process have been  second to none, so I commend in public the Steering group for their work so ably led By Paul Nathaniel.’>
> ‘I am, like the Forum much concerned to protect the Open Green Spaces in Bramcote as referenced in the Borough Councils Draft Part 2 Plan.   That detail as such was clearly recognised by the Forum in their Part 2 consultation response.
> ‘Whilst we are advised that Local Green Spaces have the same protection as Greenbelt, nothing resonates more in the Public’s mind that protection of such open spaces as GREENBELT.’
> ‘I would therefore ask your Committee to submit in its Part 2 Plan proposals to the Inspectorate for their ‘consideration’ those remaining plots of Bramcote green spaces retain that Greenbelt defined status.’
> Finally to put very simply to underline my point, to take our beautiful Bramcote Park out of Greenbelt would in the Public’s mind be completely ‘Bonkers’

Martin Plackett
Cllr Bramcote Ward BBC

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5 Responses to Councillor Martin Plackett seeks retention of Greenbelt status in Bramcote.’

  1. Richard Willan says:

    I would like further clarification from Cllr Plackett as to why he is now advocating that this land should remain in the Green Belt.

    At every public meeting that I have attended since Broxtowe BC declared an intention to withdraw Green Belt status from Bramcote Hills Park and Coventry Lane Playing Fields, Cllr Plackett has not objected to the proposals. Instead, he has (as our democratically elected representative) assured us that Local Green Space has the same ‘status’ and that we shouldn’t be concerned. Especially if it allows Nottinghamshire County Council to ‘gift’ the Coventry Lane Playing Fields for housing development to the White Hills Park Federation to finance a new school.

    Please ……. what’s going on?

  2. Martin Plackett. Cllr Bramcote Ward B BC says:

    Thank you for your comment Richard.

    My request to Broxtowe Borough Council as clearly reported accepts that protected ‘Local Green Space’has indeed the same protection as Greenbelt. However my request to the Jobs and Economy Committee is to submit to an Inspector that the remaining plots, assuming the Coventry Lane site is developed to fund the building of a new School retain their Greenbelt status, which again as I clearly say resonates more in the public mind as offering the greatest protection. I am clearly, provided the J and E Committee agree with me, saying let an Inspector decide!

    • Martin,

      I am delighted to see you recognise in public the flawed logic used by the Council officers and repeatedly endorsed by the Jobs and Economy committee.

      I too agree that there is all to play in he upcoming examination of the DRAFT local plan part 2 and it is up to bramcote residents of whatever party political persuasion – or none – to speak up and have their voices heard before it is too late.

      The Neighbourhood Forum has repeatedly asked that IF THE COUNCIL decides to change the greenbelt boundary (and only it can do that) then the Forum be given the role of deciding the detailed changes. The council at our last meeting are coming round to that idea and it would allow Bramcote residents to have a strong say -subject to planning policy and legislation – in where the boundaries go.

      You will understand if I do not share your optimism of the strength of protection afforded by Local Green Space designation.

      kind regards,


  3. Richard Willan says:

    Martin – Thank you for your explanation.

    Do you really think that the remaining area will be allowed to retain it’s Green Belt status simply because ‘it resonates more in the public mind as offering the greatest protection’? In any case, Green Belt status hasn’t done much to protect Field Farm, Coventry Lane West and Coventry Lane East. Then there is national planning policy guidance which reiterates that ………. ‘a Green Belt boundary should be established on a strong defensible line. This should be a clearly defined and reasonably permanent physical feature in the landscape, such as a river, road or railway’. I’m betting that Broxtowe BC (and any planning inspector) will argue that the railway has now become the perfect and logical ‘defensible’ boundary. The die was cast when Field Farm crossed the Rubicon!

    But good luck with your negotiations.

  4. steve Smith says:

    Thank you for your effort on this most important matter. We were always going to fail in any attempt to retain Fields Farm when the national pressure for building land is so high. I think we got the best of a bad situation with the final outcome there as Westermans clearly want to build quality houses that will enhance the overall standard of housing in that area.
    The park is a different matter. It is the focal point of Bramcote used by the majority of local residents at some time or other for a whole range of social events.
    If we lose Bramcote Park then we cease to be Bramcote as we know it. The park has been awarded a green flag for ten years in recognition of the high standards of maintenance, community involvement, sustainable working practices and park heritage value..
    Those awards have been hard earned and deserve all our support.
    As a Stapleford/Bramcote resident who lives virtually alongside the park I fully endorse everything you have said. I hope local politicians of all parties support you in this.
    If they don’t then they must indeed be “Bonkers”

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