Mindless Vandalism to vehicles in the area

Cllr Richard MacRae, Broxtowe Borough Councillor for Stapleford North plus Stapleford Town Councillor, has written to Anna Soubry MP, the Police Inspector and the Police and Crime Commissioner, following a recent spate of vandalism to vehicles. He has also copied in several Councillors and awaits their replies.

Broxtowe’s MP, Anna Soubry has promptly replied:
Dear all,
This sort of criminal damage is often regarded as low level “anti social behaviour”. In fact, as many of us appreciate, for the victims it is distressing, hugely inconvenient and the repairs cost a lot of money.
May I suggest these incidents must be upgraded immediately and investigated as a matter of priority. Everyone who reports similar incidents should ask for a crime number and ask the person taking the call to have them flagged up for the attention of the local Inspector.
I am copying in Richard Jackson so the Borough Council is involved and can work with the police.
I am happy to bring the relevant authorities together if people think this would help.
Please keep me informed and if I can assist further please let me know.
With best wishes, as ever
Anna Soubry MP for Broxtowe
Barton House
High Road
0115 9436507

Richard advised:
With over 20 vehicles vandalised on Bessell Lane, a vehicle having all four tyres slashed on Braddon Avenue, vehicles around Myrtle Avenue and The Vista and also Brookhill Street and New Eatons Road area and also along Frederick Road all in the past several weeks of course people are angry.
I attend meetings with and talk to the Police regularly and am always told to encourage residents to inform the Police of any crimes taking place. As you know, I always do this. But what concerns me is the amount of people posting on social media that they have called the Police to report the vandalism to vehicles recently and that the Police have not been coming out to these reports.

Richard, sole attending Stapleford councillor, Martin Plackett, sole attending Bramcote councillor, plus neighbourhood watch representatives from the Stapleford and Beeston cluster attended the South Broxtowe Safer Communities Forum meeting last Thursday. (No representation from Chilwell/Toton/Attenborough, despite the venue being Tesco at Toton) PC Hannah Ward advised she checks the incidents reported in the area daily and can only act on direct reports through official channels.

For online reporting of crime go to https://report.police.uk/. Alternatively, see http://www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/contact




About Sue Sambells

Editor of Bramcote Today. Chair of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch (NottsWatch). Lead Coordinator for RVR, Bramcote - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
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3 Responses to Mindless Vandalism to vehicles in the area

  1. Martin Plackett. Cllr Bramcote Ward B BC says:

    Completely agree with our MP Anna Soubry.
    Incidents were discussed at our meeting with the Poilce last week at Broxtowe’s Safer Communities Forum.
    The suggestion from Anna to ask for an incident number and reference to a local Police Inspector is a must and must be progressed.
    Happy to engage with any meeting to take forward

    • Barry Morrison says:

      How about forgetting about the BS as the Americans call it and getting coppers back on the beat?. When coppers were patrolling the streets everybody knew were they stood…Crime figures were very low and nowadays they’ve reached an all time records.
      And why?. Because there are no coppers anywhere. Recently a friend of mine took his dog out for a walk about midnight..When he came back about 20 minutes later there was a guy standing outside his daughters ground floor level bedroom. He asked what the hell he was doing and the guy turned violent, so doing what any father would do, he dropped him..Then, unbelievably he was the subject of a police investigation. although the matter was eventually dropped..And all they ask for now is an incident number..For god’s sake get real and get the coppers back on the beat.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        In full agreement Barry. However I would go a lot further and say that a lot of the problem lies in the hands of the judiciary from LCJ downwards. A few years ago a retired High Court Judge (now deceased I believe) wrote an article in the Nottingham Evening Post complaining that altho the minimum sentence (note Minimum) for carrying a knife in public was 5 years, yet no-one ever received that sentence. I cannot remember hearing about any magistrate referring sentencing ‘upwards’ as they didn’t feel that the punishment available to them was sufficient.

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