Anna Soubry MP blames death threats on Daily Telegraph headline

Anna Soubry spoke about her death threats on BBC Radio 4 today.   See this article on the BBC Website.

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2 Responses to Anna Soubry MP blames death threats on Daily Telegraph headline

  1. Fred R says:

    La Soubry posted a screenshot of one of the threats on her Twitter feed, the hashtags in which made it very clear that the threat came as a result of the Telegraph front page. The Torygraph editor dismissed her complaint as “shrill” and defended the ‘story’, but he’ll have been very well aware that such language, like the Mail’s “Enemies of the people” and “Saboteurs” splashes, will incite nutters to make threats in today’s febrile atmosphere. With Jo Cox having been murdered, and members of the banned neo-nazi group National Action on trial for allegedly plotting to kill Labour MP Rosie Cooper, threats have to be taken seriously, even if 99% are just some drunk nutter mouthing off on Twitter. It only takes one psycho to act.

    That the Torygraph, bastion of the barking Tory Right and home of Colonel Bufton-Tufton, would pooh-pooh any complaints from “mutineers”, ‘one nation’ Tories, liberals, lefties and whatnot, is little surprise. It’s owned by the secretive Barclay brothers from their tax exile lair on a small Channel Island, who don’t give a monkey’s what folk think of them or the Torygraph. However, if readers and advertisers were to raise a stink, the editor may well have to do a ‘reverse ferret’ and promise not to print such inflammatory incitations again. One can only hope.

  2. Mike H says:

    Well said Fred.
    I would add that much of the ‘mis’ information that ricochets around in the press and social media is designed by agencies that wish us harm and is done In order to create confusion and spread unrest; and it seems to be doing this very successfully. This is why the designers of this ‘false news’ support Leave as it has handed them the most effective destablising mechanism yet. Please look for evidence that any claim or counter claim of benefit or disadvantage proposed by either camp can be achieved, how this will be done, who will do it and when, how much it costs and who it is dependent on.
    Threatening an MP’s life cannot help to achieve anyone’s Brexit objective. However such a threat can further weaken our fragile democracy already undermined by claims of outcomes that cannot be delivered and unconstrained personal ambition.

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