We need more Trees

Nationally the Conservative Government promised to plant more Trees.  See here at this article on the BBC Website.

We have an opportunity here in Bramcote if we allow the building of houses on the Playing Field off Coventry Lane we could insist upon a strip of land 50 metres wide along side and to the West of Moor Lane.  On this strip of land Trees could be planted to enhance the area and provide a Wildlife Corridor linking the Trees by the Old Canal and Railway Line in the north with the Bramcote Ridge in the south.

This page from a Forestry Commission Booklet might interest you.  Forestry Commission – Why Trees are important .

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6 Responses to We need more Trees

  1. Barry Morrison says:

    Yes we certainy do need more trees..But try telling that to the clowns who authorised the chopping down of the trees on university boulevard for the disastrous tram debacle

    • Howard Shakespeare says:

      The tram resulted in enormous environmental damage during construction.

      • Mike Johnson says:

        Most of the area of the Playing Fields will be built upon so that is one of the many reasons why we need to plant Trees on the strip of land 50 Metres Wide immediately to the west of Moor Lane. As described above.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        Gordon Bennett you lot, stop living in the past. The tram construction WAS a fiasco but the bloody thing is built and has been operating quite successfully for a while now. Its done, get over it.

        Indeed we do need more trees, and hedges. One simple answer is to insist that developers plant trees on open space and that only living dividers are permitted between properties at the front. This happened when I lived on a new estate in Gloucester. When I paid a flying visit earlier this year not all the trees had survived but those that remained had grown into quite mature, healthy trees.

        Thank your lucky stars you don’t live in Sheffield where it appears the Council wants to completely clear the city of greenery.

      • Joan Wade says:

        No Howard it did not. Please don’t make points up. This web site deserves better than that. The Environmental Impact Assessment for the Work shows the true picture.

  2. David D says:

    I think it would be great to have the old putting golf course between Moor La Dedington Lan Thorseby rd as a green corridor with no development.
    Its months since I have been able to get to Bramcote I miss the great trees such diversity and some of them are quite old, well older than me.

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