Nottinghamshire County Council – Transfer of Land to White Hills Park Federation

At this morning’s Nottinghamshire County Council Policy Committee Meeting the recommendations in White Hills Park Federation Trust – Transfer of Land and White Hills Park Federation Trust – Transfer of Land Plans were approved.

The Conservative Party Councillors on the Committee vote for the proposal. The Labour Party Councillors on the Committee abstained.

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10 Responses to Nottinghamshire County Council – Transfer of Land to White Hills Park Federation

  1. Steve Austin says:

    There seems to me to be some flaws in the plans and recommendations:
    1. There is no clear boundary between plots 2b and 2c which is important as plot 2b is being transferred to the White Hills Park Federation.
    2. Recommendation 2 is ‘The acceptance of land west of plot 2b as a future expansion site for Bramcote Primary School’. This seems to be an error. Surely it should be east of plot 2b unless the Primary School will be moved totally to the site now occupied by the closed Bramcote School.
    3. I have doubts about the ownership of plots 3 and 5. I believe these are still owned by Biffa.

  2. Mike Johnson says:

    The Conservative County Councillors have disposed of Freehold land for less that it is worth as building land. The County Council could have retained the Freehold and Leased the land to the school and developers to build the houses required. The County Council could then have received an income from all the Leaseholders to use that income for Educational or Leisure projects within our area.

  3. Steve Carr says:

    Thanks for attending the meeting Steve. It was good to see a local face in the public gallery. You are right about the boundaries between 2b and 2c plus the land being handed back to the County Council for possible future extensions to the Primary School. I have emailed the Officers for a more detailed map and I will post it in here. I will let the Neighbourhood Forum see this as soon as possible.

    I attended the meeting as an observer although I would like to thank the Chair for allowing me to speak. I am torn between the need to rebuild the school and the need to preserve as much green belt as possible. I was portrayed by a Conservative councillor as wanting to send the children of Bramcote to a dangerous school. I soon put his hat on straight! We have to remember that the reason this is on the agenda is that the Department for Education (DFE) have classified rebuilding of the school as non priority so will not fund any building from central Government budgets despite it being an Academy. The school has no option but to go down the route of utilising it’s assets to fund the rebuild. The issue of course is that its assets happen to be land in the green belt.

    Where does it all stop? What other parts of the green belt will need to be sacrificed to fund future improvements to leisure centres etc? This is why I am against the transfer of land. It is current government policy that is forcing the school down this route, something that Conservative councillors seemed quite happy with and dare I say proud of their Government’s policy.

    That leads me to Broxtowe’s Local Plan Part 2. Of course, Broxtowe are very keen for this site to be developed. Indeed, Cllr Jackson (Leader of Broxtowe BC) and a late substitute, Cllr Harper (Chair of the Jobs & Economy Committee at Broxtowe) were on the committee at County Hall. They had to declare an interest but I was a little perplexed when they were allowed to take part in the debate and vote.

    Now I am fully aware that Broxtowe have inherited the previous administration’s housing figures but it was the same for every Council and not perculiar to our Borough. The previous administration had to give up some of the green belt, Fields Farm locally, but these sites in Bramcote were never part of the plan. Remember those leaflets, “Only the Conservatives can protect Bramcote’s green belt.” This was a deception. Whether it was deliberate or because they were unaware of the issues as they never attended a single Working Group meeting, I will leave you to judge.

    I will end with something that disturbed both myself and Steve Austin. The comments of one Conservative about Bramcote’s Neighbourhood Plan were quite revealing. It was, as I can best describe it, fighting talk and I fear there is going to be conflict ahead. I think comments of this nature at this stage of the Neighbourhood Plan’s progress are unhelpful and shows a tad of contempt for localism and the wishes of Bramcote residents.

    Nothing will happen straight away. The Local Plan Part 2 will not be ratified until late 2018 at the earliest and that is a considerable time to lobby for proper national funding for the new school and to fight the plans to decimate Bramcote’s green belt.

  4. The Conservative Party November “intouch” (sic) leaflet for November is at:
    Strangely it is silent on the County Council’s magnanimous decision to give away at a knockdown price publically owned assets to a private company.

  5. To be fair not all Conservative politicians are in favour of building on the green belt: “My immediate concerns for the Nuthall and Watnall areas are the threat to our greenbelt with the building of houses and the plans to run the HS2 train through Nuthall.”

    • Steve Carr says:

      This would be the same person who has no problem building on Bramcote’s green belt though. Hmmmmm.

  6. Meanwhile the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan for Forum is seeking residents views:
    H9 The proposed building of several hundred dwellings on the green belt of the Coventry Lane playing fields has proved to be very controversial. Broxtowe Borough Council has signalled its intent to allocate the playing fields for residential development alongside the development of secondary school buildings for the White Hills Park Federation. The alternative planning policies below are intended to capture the range of options that the Forum may wish to adopt in the Neighbourhood Plan. Bramcote residents’ views are sought on their support, subject to the specific application being approved by a meeting of the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum, for each of the following alternatives:
    OPTION A Residential development on Coventry Lane playing fields will not be supported;
    OPTION B Development of up to 300 appropriate dwellings on Coventry Lane playing fields will be supported;
    OPTION C Development of up to 300 appropriate dwellings on Coventry Lane playing fields after or at the same time as building new school buildings for White Hills Park Federation will be supported; OR
    OPTION D Development of up to 300 appropriate dwellings on Coventry Lane playing fields after or at the same time as building new school buildings for White Hills Park Federation and an appropriate new leisure centre on the site of the former Bramcote School will be supported

    As a result of a few residents reporting problems with the online survey and in order to give a few statutory consultees time to respond we have extended the consultation period to 17 November 2017.
    Democracy matters and every resident’s views matter in deciding what the neighbourhood plan should say:

    • RichHartman says:

      What is meant by the term “appropriate dwellings” (as opposed to just “dwellings” in the council’s proposed policy). Same comment applies to the term “appropriate leisure centre”.
      There’s a lack of certainty: allocate the land for dwellings, but if they’re not “appropriate dwellings” (in whose opinion?), they won’t get approved after all?
      Or is the word “appropriate” simply superfluous?

    • Mike Johnson says:

      If you do not want any of the ‘Options’ then you can make your comments in the box below the Options.

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