Nottinghamshire County Council – Transfer of Land to White Hills Park Federation

This item which is crucial to the development plans of White Hills Park Federation will be discussed at Nottinghamshire County Council Policy Committee Meeting 18 Oct 2017 – 10:30am. Venue:County Hall.


See: White Hills Park Federation Trust – Transfer of Land

and White Hills Park Federation Trust – Transfer of Land Plans

Note that members of the public will be excluded from the Committee’s discussion on this matter as it contains confidential financial information relating to the White Hills Park Federation.

If you have any comments regarding this transfer, make them as soon as possible to our Councillors Steve Carr, John Doddy or John Longdon

None of our these Councillors sits on the Policy Committee though so you may also like to write to the Chairman of the Policy Committee Councillor Kay Cutts or Councillor Richard Jackson who sits on the Committee and lives in Bramcote as well.

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3 Responses to Nottinghamshire County Council – Transfer of Land to White Hills Park Federation

  1. Steve Carr says:

    I will be attending this meeting but will not be able to vote.

  2. Mike Johnson says:

    As I understand the situation at the moment, Nottinghamshire County Council own the Freehold of land that is designated as Green Belt. This land may be removed from the Green Belt but it is still an important part of the buffer between the Wollaton / Bramcote areas and the Stapleford Area.

    I am against the reduction of public assets so that a non public company can do what it wants with the proceeds of the sale of the land. The White Hills Park Federation Trust is a company registered in England and Wales. Company Number: 08195720 It is therefore a private company and could be merged with other such companies and the assets transferred out of the area and county.

    We do require a new good school as the present schools are deemed unfit for use. I maintain that the County Council could still retain ownership of the Freehold and could lease the land to the White Hills Park Federation Trust and or the developers and could even receive a ground rent from the developers and the owners of each property built on the land. The difference between Freehold Property and Leasehold Property values is not significant. I owned and lived in a property in Cheshire that was Leasehold. Many properties in the London Area are Leasehold.

    I would like to see a buffer between the existing housing estate containing Sloane Drive and Latimer Drive and the new Housing Estate that is to be built of Coventry Lane. This buffer should stretch from the wooded area by the Old Canal and Railway Line to the north of the Playing Fields to the southern edge of the land. The buffer should be 50 metres wide alongside the existing Moor Lane Footpath. This will replace the Plot 4 on the plan that is ‘Grazing Land’. When the buffer is planted with trees it will become a Green Corridor linking the Bramcote Ridge in the south to the trees in the north of the area and then the open countryside.

    Bramcote area is becoming a very densely built up area. We do want to preserve our open spaces for as long as possible.

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