Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum Consultation Meetings: 27 September and 11 October

Consultation Meetings 27 September and 11 October on the Bramcote Neighbourhood Plan

All Bramcote residents should have received the consultation draft of the Bramcote Neighbourhood Plan. It is available on the Forum’s website

Broxtowe has since issued its draft local plan Part 2 which includes substantial areas of Bramcote being taken out of the green belt and a very much higher housing allocation in Bramcote than the independent housing needs assessment for Bramcote suggested.

In addition the head of the White Hills Park Federation has reported that there are concerns about the viability of the school rebuild project that means he is intending to ask for permission for more houses on Coventry Land playing fields than the council would wish to see – and potentially housing on the site of the now closed Bramcote School building.

The Forum is holding two meetings to discuss the draft Neighbourhood Plan alongside the Council’s local plan part 2 and the news from White Hills Park Federation:

8pm Wednesday 27 September, Grangewood Methodist Church

8pm Wednesday 11 October, Grangewood Methodist Church

Please visit our online survey .

We would encourage you to read and comment on them all. But if time precludes this, then please focus on the policies on Housing and Green Belt, Local Green Space and Transport. The consultation will run until 20 October 2017 and you must respond by this date for your comments to be taken into account.

Please pass this on to friends and neighbours and encourage them if they are not yet a member of Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum, to consider joining at

warm regards,

Paul Nathanail
Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum

[1] Respond to this consultation by following the link at

[2] Join the Forum

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5 Responses to Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum Consultation Meetings: 27 September and 11 October

  1. Ian H says:

    Noiw there’s a surprise, they want to build more houses than previously mentioned……..

  2. Mike Johnson says:

    It seems that the community would like a brand new school built as the present school buildings are no longer fit for purpose. The school has redundant playing fields to the North of the present schools. These playing fields are at the moment situated within the Green Belt. The school hopes to sell these playing fields for development of houses in order to raise funds to build the school that is required.

    I suggest that if the playing fields are to be sold for development then a 50 yard strip of land should be designated as a Green Corridor. This Green Corridor should be positioned just to the West of Moor Lane and stretch from the Railway in the North to Deddington Lane in the South. This will connect the Wooded Area by the Railway to the Bramcote Ridge. This Green Corridor should be planted with Trees to form a shield between the Estate to the East of Moor Lane and the new Estate that may be built.

    • Mike,
      Don’t forget to feedback that suggestion through the Forum’s consultation page:

      The information from the White Hills Park Federation provided at the CAT meeting, suggests we run the risk of losing the green belt and the federation not having enough money from the sale of the playing fields to pay for the new building.

      BTW I don’t think the community has been asked for its opinion… yet. I for one do not presume to know what the majority view is – hence the specific question in the consultation neighbourhood plan about the Coventry Lane playing fields (Policy H9).


  3. Don’t forget folks – 8pm tonight at Grangewood Methodist Church and please bring your copy of the Neighbourhood Plan Consultation with you.

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