Broxtowe Borough Council Local Plan Part 2

Councillor Martin Plackett writes:- I Hope this part of the Plan with its especial reference to BRAMCOTE will be useful to residents as they respond to the Consultation’


Today begins the 6 week consultation period of Broxtowe’s Part 2 Local Plan. The full 171 page document may shortly be viewed online. Click on this link.

The full document may also be viewed at Public Libraries and at the Council Offices in Beeston. All BRAMCOTE residents are encouraged to respond to the Councils future plans for the Ward. Any further help in accessing the plans contact your Borough Councillors Martin Plackett on 07496 445 455 Jan Goold on 0115 9499217 or John Doddy on 0115 9325636

For BRAMCOTE residents the main aspects relating to the WARD are published below:-

H4.2 BRAMCOTE (East of Coventry Lane)

Located in the Main Built up Area of Nottingham BRAMCOTE is a ‘village’ to the east of the M1 motorway, bisected by the A52. The (‘proposed development site’) site is located to the north of the A52 and is situated in-between BRAMCOTE Hill (to the south), the railway line (to the north), Coventry Lane to the west and residential development to the east. The site is Greenfield and is a former playing field associated with the adjacent school which has been unused as such for many years.

The following key development requirements must be met:

Key Development Requirements:

300 homes.

30 percent affordable homes.

Provide attractive and useable walking and cycling connections to and through the site providing enhanced Green Infrastructure corridors linking urban areas of Nottingham to the east with BRAMCOTE and Stapleford Hills, BRAMCOTE Park, Boundary Brook, Pit Lane Wildlife Site, Nottingham Canal and Erewash Valley Trail.

Safe pedestrian crossing points provided/enhanced on surrounding roads including links to redeveloped school and playing pitches on the eastern side of Coventry Lane

Incorporate design measures to slow the speed of traffic on Coventry Lane.

Vehicular access to the site shall only be via Coventry Lane

Provide safe highways access to and through the site.

Enhance bus routes adjacent to site

Provide replacement school at a location south of the ridge line, the ridge should be kept free of built development.

School development to be delivered in conjunction or prior than the housing

Provide safe pedestrian links between housing and redeveloped school and playing pitches.

Remove vegetation from sandstone cutting off Moor Lane.

All reasonable step should be taken to achieve the following;

1. Mitigate highways impact on wider road network to ensure congestion is not made worse than currently exists.

2. Replacement Leisure Centre (if required).


Strategic policy context
Policy 16: Green Infrastructure, Parks and Open Space

What the Aligned Core Strategy says
Polices 16.1 and 16.2.c say that non- strategic Green Infrastructure corridors, assets and sites will be defined and assessed through part 2 Local Plans. Paragraph 3. 16.10 refers to embedding the Green Infrastructure network approach into the development of sites.

Policy 16.4 says that parks and open spaces should be protected from development and deficiencies addressed in Part 2 Local Plans.


The following are designated as Local Green Space, in accordance with paragraphs 76-78 of the National Policy Framework.

1. Prominent Areas for Special Protection:

a). BRAMCOTE Hills

b). BRAMCOTE Ridge

c). Burnt Hill, BRAMCOTE

d). Catstone Hill Ridge Strelley

e). Stapleford Hill

f). Windmill Hill Stapleford

2. Protected Open Areas:

a). Beeston Fields golf course and land to the west

b). BRAMCOTE Ridge

c). Chilwell Manor golf course.

3. Land east and west of Coventry Lane at BRAMCOTE and Stapleford as shown on the plan on page xxx.

Within these areas, development that would be harmful to the character or function of the Local Green Space will not be permitted except in very special circumstances.


The National Planning Policy Framework indicates that Local Green Space can be designated when plans are reviewed in order to provide special protection for green areas which are of particular importance to local communities. It says that policy for Local Green Space should be ‘ consistent with policy for Green Belts’ (paragraph 78); Green Belt policy (paragraph 87) is that harmful development should only be approved in ‘very special circumstances’. The same test is used here.
The land at BRAMCOTE and stapleford (item 3 in the policy) comprises a former area of Green Belt between Moor Farm Inn Lane, Moor Lane, Derby Road, Ilkeston Road, and Coventry Lane, with the exception of land occupied by the schools which was previously designated as a ‘ Major Developed Site’ within Green Belt’. Land to the north of Moor Farm Inn Lane is proposed for housing development and redevelopment is also proposed for some of the other school land. It is therefore particularly important that the rest of the land to the south of Moor Farm Inn Lane is protected from development. This area includes the BRAMCOTE Hills Prominent Area for Special Protection, which is also referred to in item 1 in the policy, and areas of existing and proposed open space. ( see policies X and y)

Prominent Areas for Special Protection are hills and ridges comprising areas of attractive landscape which provide distinct and permanent landmarks near the edge of the Greater Nottingham conurbation. Protected Open Areas provide important breaks in the built- up areas, contributing to visual amenity and recreational opportunities.

All the sites listed in the policy have been assessed as according with the criteria set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (paragraph 77) and are considered to be: in reasonably close proximity to the community they serve; local in character and not an extensive tract of land; and demonstrably special to the local community , holding a particular local significance.

Further areas of Local Green Space may be designated through forthcoming Neighbourhood Plans.

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1 Response to Broxtowe Borough Council Local Plan Part 2

  1. Paul Nathanail says:

    Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum members have been invited to a general meeting of the Forum this Wednesday, 1 November at 8pm to formulate the Forum’s response to this plan. Forum members and others resident or working in Bramcote are welcome to register to attend.

    Details of how to register and of the venue are at:

    (BTW it is better to copy & paste this URL into the address bar rather than just clicking on it)

    hope to see you on Wednesday,


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