Bramcote CAT Meeting 4 September 2017 – The Official Unofficial Minutes

Click on Bramcote CAT Meeting 4 September 2017 – The Official Unofficial Minutes to read them

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8 Responses to Bramcote CAT Meeting 4 September 2017 – The Official Unofficial Minutes

  1. Donna MacRae says:

    Enjoyed reading these. But one question. Does Bramcote not have three Borough Councillors?

  2. Barry Morrison says:

    Who knows?. But more to the point. Does anybody care?

  3. Paul Nathanail says:

    yes and all three were present at the meeting

    • Donna MacRae says:

      The minutes do not reflect that fact, reading the minutes it reads like Bramcote only has 2 Councillors. Infact it is like that everytime minutes are published from going back over them.

  4. Rest assured Donna all three were there, I saw them and spoke to all three. Ask Richard.

    • Councillor Richard MacRae says:

      Yeah I was there and it was well attended. I was sat at the back with Councillor Goold who I enjoy working with on various issues. I did feel though that the other two Councillors were ignoring her and left her out. I was also not the only person to notice this.

  5. Cllr Martin Plackett Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    Richard’s and Donna’s comments are disingenuous, unworthy and completely without any foundation what so ever.
    Bramcote’s last very well attended and busy 2 hour CAT meeting; certainly no time to ignore anyone, discussed many of the important issues facing the Ward at this moment in time, including hearing an update from WHF School’s Executive Head on potential new school build development plans, a report and launch from our Neighbourhood Forum of its Consultation document, and an update on Bramcote Park Cafe, Polce and Neighbourhood Watch reports, and much more Including encouraging residents to respond to the Borough Councils Part 2 Plans..
    A great deal of preparation for this meeting was undertaken, in addition to preparing responses to a fair number of ‘bread and butter’ issues from and since our last meeting. Under the Chairman’s direction every single person present was given the opportunity to contribute and take part in the discussions, and as such are reflected in Steve Austin’s unofficial, official minutes.
    Many positive ‘Thank You’ comments for such an informative meeting immediately following and subsequently, were very welcomed, making such negative comments from a neighbouring Borough Councillor disappointing to say the very least and because personal support and encouragement have been offered on many occasions to my good friend and colleague.

    • Councillor Richard MacRae says:

      Richard’s and Donna’s comments are disingenuous, unworthy and completely without any foundation what so ever.

      Really, Councillor Goold and myself were sat at the back, at no point was she invited to join the other two Bramcote Councillors at the table at the front. When we have our Stapleford CAT Meetings the Councillors who attend all sit together at the front of the meetings.

      Not sure why there is a long rant about what took place as there is no denying it was a well attended meeting and lots on the agenda and some great presentations too.

      I enjoyed the CAT Meeting and wish that many people would attend the Stapleford ones. But in my personal opionion which I am very well entitled to express it came across that my friend Councillor Janice Goold was not as much a part of the meeting as the two Councillors sat at the front, I was not the only person who mentioned this and it is not for me to say who that was but for them to reply if they so wish too.

      Hopefully the next Bramcote CAT Meeting will see all 3 Borough Councillors sat at the front and all 3 having an equal part in the very excellent CAT meetings.

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