Beat The Energy Price Rises with Nottinghamshire Switch, Save & Smile

Councillor Martin Plackett has forwarded this correspondence:

Dear Councillor
Use PEOPLE POWER to cut your Household Bills
If you have not switched energy suppliers in a while, you could be losing out on a cheaper tariff. On average, people could save around £243 on their energy bill by switching tariff.

To tackle this, Nottingham Energy Partnership has joined forces with councils to urge people to join together and collectively switch tariffs to demand a better deal.

By registering your interest, you are able to see if a cheaper tariff is available to you. On October 10th, a one day auction will commence and the company offering the lowest energy price will win. You will then be emailed a personal quote of your savings and then you can decide whether to switch.

There is no obligation to switch after registering.

Prices are only getting higher. It is time to make sure you’re on the best possible deal. You can do this simply by registering. Click this link.

If you would like further information or support, please call us on 0115 784 6696.

Kindest regards,
Nottingham Energy Partnership

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1 Response to Beat The Energy Price Rises with Nottinghamshire Switch, Save & Smile

  1. Miranda Cumberbatch says:

    Thank you for posting our email alert this is really appreciated and is already making a difference. Kind regards Miranda Cumberbatch (NEP)

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