Consultation on Bramcote Neighbourhood Plan Begins…

Consultation on Bramcote Neighbourhood Plan

Paul Nathanail Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum writes: The consultation draft of the Bramcote Neighbourhood Plan will be coming through letter boxes in Bramcote over the coming week. It will also be available on the Forum’s website .

It has been produced by Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum and is the outcome of just over a year’s contributions of ideas, enthusiasm and imagination from residents of and visitors to Bramcote. I am very grateful to the many individuals who contributed text and expertise and also to the Steering Group who have worked so hard to bring all this together.

We hope you enjoy reading this plan, are excited by most of it and motivated to tells us which policies you support and which ones you don’t, and why!

Please visit our online survey .

The consultation will run until 20 October 2017 and you must respond by this date for your comments to be taken into account.

The level of interest in how planning will shape Bramcote over the next ten years means we have a significant number of proposed planning policies. We would encourage you to read and comment on them all. But if time precludes this, then please focus on the policies on Housing and Green Belt, Local Green Space and Transport.

The Forum will give members and other residents in Bramcote the chance to discuss the consultation. We will be holding meetings on 27 September and 11 October – watch out for more details of timing and venue!

After the consultation closing date, your comments will be reviewed by Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum. The Bramcote Neighbourhood Plan will be amended, if necessary, before submission to Broxtowe Borough Council. They will check that proper procedures have been followed in its preparation and that any necessary assessments accompany the plan. Broxtowe will organise their own six week consultation period. The Council will then arrange for an independent examiner to consider the draft plan. The final step is a referendum, organised by Broxtowe, that will give Bramcote residents the final say in whether or not to accept the plan.

Please pass this on to friends and neighbours and encourage them if they are not yet a member of Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum, to consider joining at

Warm regards,

Paul Nathanail
Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum

[1] Respond to this consultation by following the link at

[2] Join the Forum

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