Road Improvements in Bramcote 

Cllr. Martin Plackett reports: As many residents will have read the new Conservative controlled County Council have ‘set aside’, in addition to a planned capitol maintenance programme additional monies for road improvements throughout the whole of Nottinghamshire.
In the light of such good news several BRAMCOTE residents have asked me which roads may be likely to see any such improvements.

I have today received the following response from County Highway Assets and Development Manager.

‘ I’ve reviewed the current list for sites being considered for funding from the additional monies and at the moment we are looking at the following in the BRAMCOTE area.

Grangelea Gardens

Chesham Drive

Ewe Lamb Lane,

Oakland Court

Wembley Gardens

Beeston Fields Drive (part under County control)

Thoresby Road

‘The countywide list is long, so at this stage we are reviewing, working out costs and constraints so we have a prioritised list. I cannot therefore confirm which sites will be promoted and approved.’

The Officer also writes ‘Theses sites are in addition to the planned maintenance programme, so if there is a specific location you wish to highlight then please let me know’

As Highways are a COUNTY COUNCIL responsibility may I urge BRAMCOTE residents to make their specific site views known either directly to the Council ( or preferably to our COUNTY COUNCILLORS John Doddy, John Longdon, or Steve Carr who will be able to personally exercise their influence at COUNTY HALL.

Martin Plackett

Cllr. BRAMCOTE Ward Broxtowe Borough Council

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11 Responses to Road Improvements in Bramcote 

  1. Councillor Richard MacRae says:

    This is the exact reason I organised two public meetings in Stapleford.

    Some great ideas were produced and will now all be discussed at Stapleford Town Council and hopefully recieve the full backing of all the Stapleford Town Council members before being presented to our Nottinghamshire County Councillors.

  2. Pete Chesney says:

    To be honest it’s quite hard to identify a specific area, as roads around bramcote are generally poor and in need of resurfacing, rather than the usual temporary pot-hole filling. However, Arundel Drive is particularly poor. As are the majority of paving slab pavements in the area – full of trip hazards and uneven surfaces – walking around with my young daughter I’m just waiting for her to trip over something. The City council did a nice job resurfacing Bramcote Lane by the shops but obviously stopped at the city/council border (shame there couldn’t have been a bit of joined up thinking between the council’s to get the entire stretch done up to the A52 junction).

  3. Susan A says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more about the appalling state of paving, Pete. The paving slabs along Rivergreen Crescent off Thoresby Road becomes more dangerous every year. The Council patches up odd slabs, but the rest remain a significant trip hazard. Pavements along adjacent roads have been repaired all the way along, but they decided for some reason to leave Rivergreen Crescent out. I’ve raised this with the Council several times but get nowhere. I offered to pay for the paving outside our house to be repaired, but they refused this.

    A neighbour tripped on broken paving in Rivergreen Crescent and was left in dreadful pain and significantly disabled in the last years of her life. But they still won’t do the necessary repairs.

    When will pedestrians be considered when it comes to setting aside money by the Conservative run County Council?

    • Pete Chesney says:

      I also complained to the council, who did nothing. They just said that the ridges etc had to be over a certain height before considered dangerous – I can’t remember how high now though – in the region if 4-5cm I think.

  4. Martin Plackett. Cllr Bramcote Ward B BC says:

    Pete, Susan thank you for your comments. As I made clear in my ‘post’ as Highways are a County Council responsibility please make your representations either directly to the Council or to our County Councillors. I will however as your Broxtowe Borough Ward Councillor make my own representations taking into account residents views.

    • Susan A says:

      Thanks, Martin. I’ve raised the issue of dangerous paving with the County Council several times over the past few years but have got nowhere. Normally they cite budget constraints, but on one occasion I was told that residents prefer paving slabs to tarmac as they look better – I’ve lived here for more than 22 years and don’t recollect the County Council ever canvassing residents for their views about the relative aesthetics of paving slabs or tarmac.

  5. Gary Y says:

    What about derby road stapleford?
    It’s a complete disgrace with pot holes, uneven surfaces everywhere, and don’t get me started on brook hill street!
    You should be ashamed of the condition of these roads, and countless more around and in your boroughs

  6. Barry Morrison says:

    1-45am today (Mon 11th sept) coming from East Midlands airport I was told that the A52 between Bardills and Sherwin roundabouts were closed so we turned down Stapleford Lane and came up Derby Road only to find Sherwin island closed..Asked a highways lorry driver the best way round..His reply was ”Follow the effin direction signs” of which we had’nt noticed any..Fortunately for him the site forman said ”Just give us about 5 minutes as we’re about ready to re-open the roundabout.”

  7. Elaine Morris says:

    If the pavements ever get repaired will drivers please stop parking their cars on them. In my opinion, this is what is causing a lot of the damage and leading to the trip hazards.

    • RichHartman says:

      If the pavements ever get repaired, will lunatic cyclists please stop cycling on them. Your bike is a vehicle, it should be on the road not the pavement. Think that there could be a child running out of a gate onto a pavement: a pedestrian has every right to be there, cyclists do not. Such irresponsible cycling causes needless injury.

    • Susan A says:

      Exactly, Elaine. It’s illegal to park on pavements in Greater London and is currently illegal everywhere to obstruct pedestrians/pushchairs/wheelchairs, etc. by parking on the pavement. There is now a proposal to allow all local Councils to enforce a pavement parking ban outside Greater London.

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