National Lottery boost for Bramcote Old Church Tower

Pat Ashworth writes: Bramcote Old Church Tower is to receive support from National Lottery players through a grant of £363,400 from the Heritage Lottery Funding (HLF). The money will be used to further restore the building and enhance the site for the enjoyment of the community. The Tower, a Grade II listed building known locally for generations as the ‘sunken church’, dates from the 13th century. Hard work by dedicated volunteers over a decade has seen the site transformed from neglect and its fascinating heritage preserved. The funding will enable the lifting and displaying of a 15th century alabaster floor memorial; work on conserving ancient grave slabs; the commissioning of a geophysics survey; historical and archaeological research; exploring the biodiversity of the site and the construction of a small and discreet storage area to include kitchen space and a toilet. Peter Hillier, chair of the Bramcote Old Church Tower Trust, which has owned the site since 2010, said, “We have worked extremely hard to bring this project to fruition and were overjoyed to hear our application had been successful.” Jonathan Platt, Head of HLF Midlands, described the Tower as a beautiful site that provided a crucial link to the 13th century and said, “We’re delighted that, thanks to National Lottery players, we have been able to support the hard work of local volunteers to secure the Tower’s future and give the community the chance to explore its rich history for years to come.”

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5 Responses to National Lottery boost for Bramcote Old Church Tower

  1. Elaine Morris says:

    Do the plans include resolution of accessibility issues?

    • Pat Ashworth says:

      They don’t, I’m afraid, Elaine. We explored every avenue to make this site wheelchair-friendly but it remains a difficulty at present.

  2. Well done to all concerned! Getting a lottery grant involves a lot of hard work, and the result is that we all benefit! Sincere thanks to the Tower Team.

  3. Martin Plackett. Cllr Bramcote Ward B BC says:

    So pleased to have been involved with the Tower as a Trustee since 2010. As Pat and others are saying it is/has been a wonderful achievement and much credit must be offered to Peter, Moira Robinson and their team for this splendid Community project.

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