Stapleford Neighbourhood Planning

Margaret Downie, Town Clerk, Stapleford Town Council writes: It seems no time since Stapleford Town Council sent out information regarding Neighbourhood Planning via Inspire.

An ‘inspired’ band of volunteers from the Town Council, residents and local business representatives have been working hard on the Town’s behalf to produce a Draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Public consultations will soon be taking place and every household and business in the Town will receive a leaflet explaining what the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have come up with and inviting residents and businesses to comment on the Draft Local Plan.

You can read the Draft Local Plan on the Town Council web site: on the Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group’s fb page and on other local community web sites.

Town Councillors and members of the Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will be attending the Stapleford Carnival and hope to meet many of you to engage in conversation and hear your views regarding the draft Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan.

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