Bramcote Conservation Society’s restoration in the village.

Several members of Bramcote Conservation Society have been busy restoring and repainting the Information Map at the junction of Church Street and Town Street. The window which had become discoloured for some reason, has been replaced and the whole sign has been repainted, and spruced up.

Phil Sands, Christine Dilks and myself have spent some time over the past few days on this project, and once again, the map and information can be clearly seen. Many thanks to Broxtowe Council for allowing the Society to undertake this work. (The photographs show before and after completion)

Tony Smith

Bramcote Resident

About Sue Sambells

Editor of Bramcote Today. Chair of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch (NottsWatch). Lead Coordinator for RVR, Bramcote - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
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3 Responses to Bramcote Conservation Society’s restoration in the village.

  1. Really great to see the outcome of this activity. Really well done to all concerned. Its a good example of people caring for the community they live in.

  2. David Dobbie says:

    Nice to see the clean board
    Will be a while till I get to Bramcote to look at it I cant read all of it on this board is there somewhere on line I can see a version of this poster ?

  3. Tony Smith says:

    Sadly the map is not on line, maybe it’s something we can look at in the future. However if you click on the photo, you should ba able to zoom in and read the map

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