Important Meeting tonight at The Pastures Community Church 7.00pm

Councillor Richard MacRae informs us: At the request of the local Police, Residents and Businesses alike I have organised a meeting which will be held this evening,  Thursday 27th July from 7pm until 8.30pm at The Pastures Community Church, Pasture Road, Stapleford.

Something needs to be done with Pastures Road and done ASAP our County Councillors
need to come along, listen to our concerns and then act on them.

I have invited the following to attend:
County Councillor John Doddy
County Councillor John Longdon
Anna Soubry MP

I have also asked the County Councillors to invite a Highways Officer from Nottinghamshire County Council to also attend this important meeting.

Our local PCSO will also be attending the meeting and I have also invited the Stapleford North Ward Councillors to attend.

I have also invited the residents who live along this stretch of Pasture Road and also the Business owners too.

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