New Homes off Stapleford Lane

Councillor Lee Fletcher  a Borough Councillor for Toton and Chilwell Meadows writes regarding the planning application from Peveril Homes:

One day after the proposed HS2 route was confirmed at Toton, Peveril Homes lodged their application to build 253 homes on the site adjacent to Stapleford Lane. It follows on from a previous planning application which granted outline planning permission to build 500 homes – contributing towards the Councils target of over 6000 homes to be built across Broxtowe by 2028.

The proposed homes are within the borough ward of Toton and Chilwell Meadows. Lee Fletcher, Stephanie Kerry and Halimah Khaled MBE are the borough councillors for the ward and we welcome residents to contact us regarding any issues you may have about the proposal. It is important we get this right and your local borough councillors are on hand to ensure we get the best deal for Toton and the surrounding areas.

You can access the plans here

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