Plans to Build as Many as 500 Homes in Stapleford

Councillor Richard MacRae writes. If anyone would like to look at the plans for the Toton Lane Development they are on display at Stapleford Town Council. Carnegie Hall, Warren Avenue, Stapleford. You can call the Town Clerk on 0115 939 1818 or pop along during the times on the picture.

You can also access the plans here

Apart from sharing this information I am unable to get into questions or debates regards this application as I am a member of the Planning Committee.

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6 Responses to Plans to Build as Many as 500 Homes in Stapleford

  1. Graham Heal says:

    It’s a mistake for the headline to state these homes are in Stapleford. They are not. They are located in Toton. I acknowledge the Council have mis-categorised this application as being in Stapleford (and it has been pointed out to them) but that is no reason to repeat the mistake.

    • Councillor Richard MacRae says:

      Let me please explain this to you once again. The footpath that is where Toton Lane Stapleford and Stapleford Lane Toton join is the Boundary.

      This Boundary goes back many years and is shown very clearly on lots of maps.

      And before you go on about its Toton. I am not talking about election Boundaries here as we all know the election boundary is the A52. I hope this clears this up but it bet it won’t.

  2. Graham Heal says:

    Sorry Cllr MacRae, but no your response doesn’t clear up matters. However, I’ve long given up trying to convince you about the status/validity of this ‘boundary’.

    For other interested readers:
    1. the footpath Cllr MacRae refers to is no longer classified as an official ‘boundary’ – it is just a footpath
    2. it was last classified as an official boundary back in the 1930’s when it formed the south/east boundary (along with Baulk Lane which runs to the north of the tram line) of Stapleford parish.
    3. In the 1930’s, Stapleford lost its status as a town (i.e. run by its own town council) when it merged with Beeston to form the Beeston and Stapleford Urban District Council
    4. In the 1980’s (after Broxtowe Borough Council was formed and replaced the old Urban Council) Stapleford campaigned to restore its ‘town’ status and thus reform its own town council. This was granted
    5. However…..the official parish boundary to the south and east of the reconstituted town was set as the A52, not these old footpaths.
    6. Hence, these old footpaths are now……just footpaths. They are no longer designated as a parish boundary by the local or county council or by the Local Govt Boundaries Commission (the body who approves parish boundaries – and who allocated the A52 boundary in the ’80s).

    • Graham Heal says:

      PS to avoid confusion; Baulk Lane (footpath running north of the tram terminus up to the bridge over the A52) is still used as a County Council Divisional boundary & a Borough Council Ward boundary to separate Toton from Chilwell / Bramcote in that area.

    • Councillor Richard MacRae says:

      And Toton is just Toton and Stapleford will always remain Stapleford.

      Have you also looked at the addresses for the following.

      Bardils Garden Centre.
      The Japanese Water Gardens.
      Net Tram Terminus.


      You have absolutely nothing to convince me off I know the boundary IS where Toton Lane and Stapelford Lane join. It always has been and always will be.

      Again I am not talking about political boundaries which change all the time. I am to busy and don’t have time like yourself to keep banging on about this.

  3. Cllr Lee Fletcher says:

    I think we can all agree that residents on either side of Bardills island have an interest in the proposed homes and the surrounding area. I can confirm the homes fall within the borough ward of Toton and Chilwell Meadows as is evidenced by the following link from the ordnance survey –

    Whilst the planning application falls within my ward, I urge everyone to positively engage with residents, Broxtowe Borough Council and Councillors.

    Warm Regards,
    Cllr Lee Fletcher

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