Highways England are reviewing Speed and Safety on the A52

Anna Soubry MP writes:  Bramcote campaigner Tony Smith has taken his campaign to improve safety on the A52 to Parliament. Tony met roads minister Jesse Norman and Highways England officials following a spate of accidents and fatalities on the road. 

“I am pleased that Highways England is conducting a full review of speed and safety on the A52 between Bramcote Island and the QMC,” said Tony. “They will report back in late August with proposals and want to work with me and local residents to find the best way to make the road safe”. 

Broxtowe’s MP Anna Soubry also attended the meeting and added, “Tony continues to work on this campaign and it was a pleasure to join the meeting and to hear that real progress is being made. We also raised the issue of pedestrian safety on Bramcote Island as well as the dangers for vehicles exiting on Town Street.” Highways England undertook to improve existing road markings and review safety issues at the roundabout.  

Average speed cameras will be amongst measures being considered. 

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6 Responses to Highways England are reviewing Speed and Safety on the A52

  1. Ian Blakeley says:

    “Average speed cameras will be amongst measures being considered.” Still no thoughts about catching people driving vehicles that are not insured, or MOT or Taxed. I ask Tony Smith if the possibility of installing ANPR cameras was discussed or even mentioned.


      Average speed cameras do note vehicle registrations so those breaking the limits will get caught.
      I do not know of any permanent ANPR cameras in the country used solely for the purposes you mention, but I stand to be corrected. I guess this could be raised in the future, but it would have to be Nationally and not just on this road. Authorities across the Country do however use mobile units for this purpose and many offenders have been caught nationally – not all these mobile camera vans are checking on just speed limit adherence.
      This site is worth a visit :- https://www.police.uk/information-and-advice/automatic-number-plate-recognition/

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        Sorry to disappoint you Anthony, but when Dr Palmer was our MP I asked him about how many drivers who were caught speeding by “safety cameras” were also checked for Insurance etc. The short written answer from the then Minister of Transport was ‘Exactly None’. So I doubt very much that the situation has changed. The TV programmes that are on about the ‘Interceptors’ and ‘Traffic Cops’ are purely public relations exercises designed to make us think how well the police are doing their jobs. Well so they might be doing a good job, BUT there are not enough of them out there and they are more reactive than proactive. So ANPR cameras ‘ping’ for Insurance etc and not just for speeding and I’m sure that sufficient money could be found to engage many police officers, because things like Insurance MOT etc would need to be dealt with by a uniformed officer, to deal with such offences. The scheme could even be made to be self financing. As for your point that ANPR would have to be a national initiative. It would have to be trifled somewhere and where better than on the A52 in Bramcote.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        I hate predictive ‘assistance’. I typed trialled but was landed with ‘trifled’. Apologies.

  2. David D says:

    Has any one else encountered problems with the pedestrian lights on Derby rd at the bottom of Cow Lane the red button will go off without giving a green man
    What criteria are there for a safe flat and width of space there is barely room for two people to pass each other on the pavemnt with traffic passing at motorway speeds
    Also the pavement often being taken over as parking space round this area
    Many issues with this stretch of road feed up with getting nowhere with them glad I dont live in Bramcote any more an unsafe place for a pedestrian

  3. Cllr Martin Plackett Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    Whilst Ian’s concerns are very valid, for myself having been responsible for personally collecting and sourcing over 1000 of the signatures and hearing from residents their concerns and ‘stories’ of near misses, very high speeding through 24 hours, undertaking.and overtaking at excessive speeds I am delighted at the news from Tony that Highways England are to conduct a serious review. Tony and our M P Anna are to be congratulated for their efforts and I wish him well as he continues his campaign, he certainly has my full support and I trust others, with his endeavours on our behalf.

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