Letter to Chair of Broxtowe BC Jobs & Economy Committee

Paul Nathanail, Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum writes: Please find below a copy of the letter I emailed Councillor Tony Harper yesterday. Cllr Harper sent a friendly acknowledgement to the email copied to our MP, Bramcote Councillors and the head of Planning.

Dear Tony,

Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum will make a full and formal response to the consultation on the Local Plan Part 2 in due course.

Given the proposals to your committee, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum requests that:

1. the committee rejects the recommendation to take the entire Bramcote Site out of the green belt.

2. the committee makes a specific allocation for the site of the Bramcote School, due to close imminently, for EITHER a Local Green Space OR a Publically Owned Leisure Centre.

3. the committee in no way permits the site of the Bramcote School to become WHITE space or even worse a brownfield site whether within or outwith the green belt.

4. the committee takes into account the fact that the Bramcote Forum has adopted a housing target for its area of 236 dwellings over the lifetime of the plan and that the council’s figures show that the already completed, under construction, with detailed planning permission and with outline planning permission dwelling amount to some 180 dwellings when it considers making further housing allocation in Bramcote.

5. the committee acknowledges that the very special circumstances that would be needed to allow development within the green belt do not include the financial straits that a private company may find itself in.

I wish you and your committee all the best tomorrow as you try and shape the future of Broxtowe not just until the end of the plan but well beyond.

Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum

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3 Responses to Letter to Chair of Broxtowe BC Jobs & Economy Committee

  1. Councillor Richard MacRae says:

    I would recommend also asking one of the three Bramcote Councillors to read out your statement at the committee this evening. Even if they are not a member of the committee they can request to speak up.

  2. Martin Plackett. Cllr Bramcote Ward B BC says:

    The proposals offered to the Jobs and Economy meeting by Bramcote’s Neighbourhood Forum were added as late and additional items, and were so recorded in the minutes.
    I was able to speak in support of the points raised by the Forum and gave my personal views. The Committee noted both the Forums concerns/requests and my comments.

  3. Councillor Richard MacRae says:

    I found it very sad that at Broxtowe Borough Council last night when I read out a statement (posted below) to try and protect the land behind Bramcote Crematorium and up Coventry Lane my so called fellow ward councillor and member of STRAG never once spoke up to do anything about trying to stop it what so ever.

    So much for trying to defend the Greenbelt. Once it’s gone it’s gone.

    I said years ago allowing development on Field Farm would lead to all the land up Coventry Lane going too. Its also sad that Broxtowe Borough Council never let it be known they owned the land behind Bramcote Crematorium. Funny that.

    But just to let you all know the other ward councillor for Stapleford North has done absolutely nothing what so ever to try and stop further destruction of our precious green belt land.

    Please find the statement below which I read out last night.

    Having read part 2 of the aligned core strategy I was pleased to see that many of the policies are in agreement with the decisions which we have made whilst developing the Stapleford plan.

    I was however extremely concerned with the inclusion of 250 homes to the west of Coventry lane and 300 homes to the East. In combination with the fields farm proposed development of 450 homes this brings the total number of houses to be built adjacent to the existing settlements of Stapleford and Bramcote to 1000. 700 of these are within the Stapleford boundary, increasing the population of an estimated 10 percent and effectively merging Stapleford and Bramcote.

    I understand the justification from 2.8 of part two of the aligned Core Strategy that the most sustainable location for development is within or adjacent to the main built up area to make best use of the existing infrastructure, but the decision to build on greenbelt should not be based merely on filling in the gaps on a map.

    Stapleford, the north in particular, and Bramcote simply do not have sufficient infrastructure in terms of healthcare provision, schools, shops and transport to support a development of this size. The proposed additional bus service and the current road changes to accommodate the Fields Farm development are not sufficient to elevate the congestion this will cause. The innovation village proposed may mitigate some of the pressures but it is the opposite end of Stapleford therefore negates the argument for being adjacent.

    Most worryingly, the proposed housing development around Coventry lane is short sighted. In fifty to 100 years’ time as the population grows we may be asked to look again at extending outwards into greenbelt to the north. If we preserve the ecologically important network of wildlife corridors and maintain distinct boundaries between settlements in the development plans we make now, it will be for the benefit of the residents and wildlife of Nottinghamshire as a whole in the future.

    I am pleased that Policy 27 about designated green space and policy 28 on green infrastructure assets outline what should be aspired to. However, to put sites forward for development with the caveat to the developers that these policies should be adhered to falls short of truly delivering on sustainable development. We have already had great difficulty in reconciling the guidance given in the part one local plan on maintaining and enhancing wildlife corridors and green spaces with the existing plans for Fields Farm. The Fields Farm development intersects two secondary wildlife corridors which link to the River Erewash, Bramcote Hills, Bramcote ridge, Wollaton park, and the Robin hoods way long distance footpath. The corridors have been respected to a certain degree in the plans but they are narrow and immediately adjacent to housing which will have a detrimental effect on the ecology and the aesthetics of the robin hoods way. The proposed Coventry lane development further exacerbates the situation as in an attempt to negate the negative impact for the Field Farm site we have been working on a plan to enhance the biodiversity of the already protected Stapleford hill site, the grasslands and wildlife corridor to the north as well as to raise the status of the iconic Hemlock stone. All of which are now threatened or will be affected by this proposed development.

    I would therefor suggest to fully deliver on the policies for environmental protection stated in part one and two of the aligned core strategy that there should be no development adjacent to the two wildlife corridors or the Stapleford hill site and these should be taken out of the sites for development on both sides of Coventry lane.

    I along with others from the community have been helping to develop a Neighbourhood plan for Stapleford. We have made several suggestions for modest developments at more suitable sites closer to the existing and proposed amenities. I am not anti-housing, I just want to protect and enhance the many assets which we have in Stapleford.

    One of my other concerns is that last year, a number of us went on various Topic Workshops which seem to have formed part of the alleged consultation process. We were promised copies of the notes from these workshops would be made available, but as far as I am aware never have been.

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