Broxtowe Borough Council Jobs & Economy Committee Agenda for 6 July

Paul Nathanail, Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum writes: Please read the parts of the Agenda for the 6 July meeting of Broxtowe BC Jobs & Economy that are relevant to your interests and specifically to Bramcote

Proposed changes to Bramcote’s Green Belt

Broxtowe BC Jobs & Economy committee is the committee that will discuss and put forward for consultation the Part 2 of the Local Plan (to complement the Aligned Core Strategy) (

The Committee will consider the draft part 2 Local Plan, and seek authority to publish this plan for a six week period of formal representations The Agenda and papers are at:

Forum members are encouraged to go through the entire document for themselves.(Part 2 of the Local Plan begins at page 69 of the PDF document) )

The purpose of Part 2 is “to provide increased access to public open space, whilst protecting the historic and natural environment. It is intended to provide a clear policy framework to enable those preparing their own neighbourhood plans to achieve the best outcomes for their own areas.”

The following points struck me as being relevant to Bramcote:

• Page 3: Land allocation in Brinsley is being done on the basis of an option that “performs better on Green Belt policy grounds as it does not lead to the coalescence of settlements” (Bramcote and Stapleford are considered to be settlements by Broxtowe). An alternative option would have acted by “reducing the size of the gap between the villages of Brinsley and Underwood”.
• Page 34: Affordable housing should be provided at the newly-allocated sites at Awsworth, Bramcote, Brinsley, Stapleford and Toton or for any site within the Green Belt comprising 10 or more dwellings at a proportion of 30% or more. (this would mean some 90 affordable homes if the Council’s option of allocating the Coventry Land playing fields for housing is approved)
• Page 46: “Progress has been slow but steady with regard to trying to regenerate or redevelop several brownfield sites across Broxtowe.”.
• Page 96 refers to the Coventry Lane playing fields that are outside the main built up area and in fact contribute to the open countryside north and west of Nottingham. The financial constraints on the private company that manages some of the secondary school provision in Bramcote are not a planning matter and hardly a special consideration for taking land out of the green belt against the strongly expressed wishes of the local community.
• The plan is silent on the future of the Bramcote School Site. This land is currently within the Green Belt but would no longer be in the green belt of the planning officer recommendations become part of the Local Plan.

In the next post are the suggestions I sent to the Chair of Jobs & Economy.

Please feel free to forward this to friends and neighbours in Bramcote.

kind regards,

Paul Nathanail

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