Beeston Fields Drive – Entrance from Cow Lane

Alex Lloyd writes: Does anyone know whether there will still be pedestrian access onto Beeston Fields Drive from Cow Lane after the new gates are completed?

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19 Responses to Beeston Fields Drive – Entrance from Cow Lane

  1. Fred R says:

    I wondered what was going on there. Are the nouveaux riches of Beeston Fields looking to turn themselves into a private gated community to keep us riff-raff out? Is the Drive built and maintained with public money?

  2. Chris Parkes says:

    It appears that as well as an automatic gate for vehicles a new pedestrian gate has also been installed which has a keypad for opening . The private drive was gritted several times in the winter when many public roads werent , but no councils will admit to carrying out the gritting. Some 100 yards of the road was also resurfaced last Autumn and I have asked both Broxtowe BC and also Nottinghamshire CC , through the FIA , they financed the resurfacing .

    • RichHartman says:

      The pedestrian gate was not locked this evening tonight, so could be used unhindered.
      Maybe the keypad is just a visual deterrent to deter use?
      Anyone from BF Drive care to state who monitors the 2 cctv cameras?.

  3. Joan Wade says:

    Are people saying that the public right of way on this route has been blocked? If so what action is being taken?

  4. Alex says:

    I’ve phoned County Highways today to see if could find out if there was a right of way, but got nowhere. I know there has been pedestrian access for last 10 years, and sounds like long before that too. It’s a huge shame if this is what’s happening as it’s a lovely route from Bramcote Village to Beeston. It will effect a lot of the community.

    • Councillor Richard MacRae says:

      I have been walking that way to Beeston since 1989 when I used to work down Evelyn Street fixing Fruit Machines and Arcade Games.

  5. Joan Wade says:

    My understanding is that 20 years uninterrupted use is needed to establish a right of way. To my knowledge there has been at least 30 years and perhaps many decades more.

  6. Judy S says:

    My brother used to live on Beeston Fields Drive for many years from 1982, the residents pay to maintain the road, it is a private road. Why doesn’t someone in authority just ask someone who lives there? I am talking about the road from Cow Lane end to the gate in the middle( where there used to be a thatched house), I don’t know if it applies to the rest of it going down to Wollaton Road.It used to be closed at the top end on Christmas day each year to maintain it being a private road. There has never been a bar to walking down it as the middle gate was never closed. From my recollection there isn’t a pavement.

    • Joan Wade says:

      It is a common misconception that there cannot be a right of way over a private road. The people to ask about the right of way are not the residents but the users of the right. The council need to act now to get any obstruction cleared

  7. Joan Wade says:

    If the council drags its feet in dealing with this matter and getting any obstruction cleared a complaint may be made at the link below

  8. Ben L says:

    Our family enjoy going to see horses and visit the 19th hole for dinner and wine. The golf club will lose our business and many others’ business too no doubt as the walk around is too far. What about cyclists and pedestrians all going through the same narrow (dark) path through golf course. Not very safe especially when winter comes round.

    Seems as though cctv also going up at the cow lane end? Unless they’re planning to do the same at the other end, the burglars etc will just use other entrance from main road? Am i missing something? Maybe the residents just want to stop peasants like us walking in eye shot of their houses? In 10 years of living in the area i have only ever seen a handful of people walking/running/cycling on this road. What’s the problem?!

    If bf drive has been open to public pedestrian access for 30 years they’re not legally allowed to do this are they? What’s anna soubry got to say about it?! Time for an mp to do something useful i think…

  9. David Berry says:

    In the same vein of public rights of way. Any news on the access to the woods via Town Street (is it Moss Drive?)

  10. Martin Plackett. Cllr Bramcote Ward B BC says:

    I can only reiterate what the Chair of Beeston Fields Residents said to me yesterday morning without hesitation. ‘There are no plans to restrict pedestrian access to the Drive’.
    From my conversation I am confident this position will be honoured, so ensuring this access will continue to be available as indeed it has been for many years.
    I would hope that my confidence can now be shared by others.

    • ‘No plans to restrict pedestrian access’ – and yet they will hold the means to do so quickly and easily. It is not enough to be ‘confident this position will be honoured’ – it is vitally important to ensure it is. There is a long established right of access here – I can remember at least 20 years back being able to walk this route – others much more. It now needs to be legally protected.

      • Fred R says:

        I agree. I went past the Cow Lane entrance today. The gates are forbidding, there is a keypad on them, and there is no sign indicating that the public can access the drive. The pedestrian gate opened, right enough, when I gave it a push, but a passerby would likely be put off by the gates, and the presence of prominent multiple CCTV cameras, and assume no access. As you write, access could be denied by the flick of a switch. The phrase “no plans to do X” is a favourite of politicians, leaving open the option of doing X in the future but being able to claim truthfully that back in the day there were “no plans”. What is needed is a legal right of way, and in the interim a definite statement from the nouveaux riches resident’s association that they will never close off access.

        The well-heeled and paranoid residents clearly want a gated community, but as Beeston Fields Drive is a public road, built and maintained with public money, the public has as much right to walk down it as they do have to walk down, say, Wollaton Road.

      • Joan Wade says:

        Absolutely right – my thoughts exactly. There is a long established right of access and Councillors need to ensure that the gate is removed without any further delay. They need to be clear that we are not asking to be granted a favour we are asserting a right.

    • Pat Ratcliffe says:

      What Jennifer Adams and Joan Wade write is exactly correct. As our elected representative your job is not merely to casually accept someone’s word, it is to ensure that the Council enforce our freedom of access.

  11. Pat Ratcliffe says:

    Thanks, Steve for putting me right. Let’s hope Steve Carr manages to follow Joan Wade’s advice.

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