Bramcote Hills Community Association Future Plans and Initiatives

If you live in Bramcote Hills, Bramcote Moor or Oaklands, please read the following:

Dear Resident,

Bramcote Hills Community Association was founded in 1963 and its purpose is to make the Association’s area a place where people want to live. The Association is non-political and strives to achieve its purpose by being a formal umbrella organisation that facilitates many community activities and groups:

1. The Association takes a close interest in local planning in Bramcote. It facilitated the founding of Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum which has been approved by Broxtowe Borough Council to develop a Neighbourhood Plan. It has a Planning Committee which has taken a keen interest in the White Hills Park Federation’s school development plans. It has supported the Bramcote Hills Open Space Protection Group’s public meetings over the golf course plans.
2. It gives financial support to the Hemlock Happening and members of the Association’s Committee serve on the Bramcote and Stapleford Golden Jubilee Group that plans the event.
3. It is supporting the development of the community café on Bramcote Hills Park.
4. It supports the Bramcote Care Group which is represented on the Association’s Committee.
5. Neighbourhood Watch is supported. I am the Co-ordinator for Bramcote Moor although there is a vacancy for a Co-ordinator for Bramcote Hills.
6. It runs a loan equipment service for Members who can borrow a variety of tools and garden items which are needed from time to time but which would stand unused for most of the time if you bought them.
7. It has organised a summer play scheme for Members children for over 35 years.
8. The Association organises social activities open to Members – A pub ramble, an Association annual dinner and a pantomime outing.
9. A newsletter is published 4 times a year to keep residents informed.
10. From time to time the Association makes donations to local sports and social clubs to help with equipment purchases or other needs.

It has become apparent that some of the Association’s activities are less well supported than in the past. Fewer Members are going to the annual dinner and pantomime. It is likely that this year’s summer play scheme will the last due to the retirement of the current leader.

However, other activities are growing in importance and support. The Association is at the heart of neighbourhood planning. The Association’s involvement in and support for the Hemlock Happening is increasing as council support is gradually withdrawn.

Looking to the future, the Association’s Committee and I would like to know what new activities or improvements to existing activities you would like Bramcote Hills Community Association to undertake or organise for its members and all residents of our area:
1. You can email me your thoughts to
2. You can reply online at
3. Come and talk to me at the Hemlock Happening on 10 June. I’ll be in the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum tent.

Please let me have your contact details so I can follow up suggestions you make.

Steve Austin, Chair, Bramcote Hills Community Association. June 2017.

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3 Responses to Bramcote Hills Community Association Future Plans and Initiatives

  1. Graham Taylor says:


    The condition of the Estate’s pavements and WEEDS (and I mean mainly Balmoral Drive , Arundle Drive, Sevenoaks and Thornhill) is appalling.

    I cannot understand why we are ignored by Broxtowe BC and why householders themselves cannot spend a few minutes of their day being responsible for the weeds outside their property (including the Gutters)

    Could you not contact the council for a response and let people know?Also can you not ask, through the BHCA Newsletter , for people to take action themselves.

    The place is a mess.

    Graham Taylor

    • Steve Austin says:


      Here is part of an email I wrote to Councillor Martin Plackett this morning having completed distribution of the Community Association questionnaires:

      While walking round, it was soon apparent that the area looks very tatty. There is of course the perennial grass cutting problem. The schedule is quite inadequate. I have been toying with the idea of the Community Association taking over the contract for mowing in its area perhaps from next year. What would be the Council’s view on this? Secondly weed infestation on pavements and in gutters is absolutely dreadful. I don’t think there was any spraying last year and there certainly hasn’t been any this year.

      Unfortunately the two items above do make the area look as though it is in serious decline. If we are not careful it will be the start of a downward spiral. Something needs to be done urgently. In this vein I will comment on estates like Strelley and Bilborough in the City. These are not the most desirable residential areas but Nottingham City Council had the good sense to realise that you need to cut the grass areas regularly, keep pavements and gutters weed free and remove litter and rubbish on a regular basis otherwise serious decline sets in.

      I’ll leave you with the thoughts. I do hope the issues can be speedily addressed.

      Councillor Plackett concurred and forwarded the above to Paul Summers the responsible Officer at Broxtowe Borough Council who replied:

      In response to Mr Austin and comments re:weed killing and grass cutting

      Weed killing – The contract for weed killing has been procured from Munro’s Ltd. Ashtree Cottage, Royd Road, Meltham, Holmfirth, HD9 4BG.

      The Councils Operations Manager Mr P Syson is responsible for managing the contract and works on the first of two applications borough wide commenced today 5/6/17 .

      Grass Cutting -Highway verge cutting is undertaken by Broxtowe on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council who fund 6 cuts per annum for highway verges. Management of the regime is thus critical in order to maintain grass cut height at a manageable height over the annual cycle.

      The priority for the Highway Authority- Nottinghamshire County Council – in setting the cut frequency is not amenity value but highway safety and free flow of traffic

      In consequence the amenity of an area is secondary to the primary functions outlined- however given the limited resources with careful planning the highway verges on the whole are maintained at a level that add value in amenity terms and meet the safety and traffic flow requirements

      You should note that many years ago the borough council used to provide additional funding for highway verge maintenance to supplement the budget but this ceased as financial constraints have become necessary


      Paul Summers

  2. Steve Austin says:

    Graham Taylor obviously feels strongly about an issue that Bramcote Hills Community Association (BHCA) is able and willing to take up with Broxtowe Borough Council.
    If you feel strongly about any issue that affects the BHCA’S area, and have a proposal that might help improve it, then complete and return the questionnaire that I have put through your letterbox. There are several ways you can respond.

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