Inexpensive hot meal and care service

Jane Parke, from Market Development and Site Services Worksop  writes:

The service we offer is the delivery of meals, hot or frozen to the door, plus a safe and well check.  It is up to the customer to decide which service is best for them.

The frozen service gives the customer the choice of choosing from the whole brochure the meals and desserts they require. The order can be any amount but a minimum of five. This can also be as frequently as you require.  A set day will be agreed and the meals will be delivered and placed in the freezer, these can be reheated in a conventional oven, microwave or steamer when required.

The hot service enables the customer to select from a menu with four options per day. If the customer has specific dietary needs this can be met by setting a personalised menu. The driver will deliver between 11a.m.-2p.m. whichever time the first delivery is made will be the time every day. This can be made Monday – Friday, or specific days if required and for the more dependent at weekends as well.

In addition, breakfast packs are delivered at the same time as the above on both services and is a frozen breakfast for the customer to reheat in the morning (sausage, bacon, scrambled egg, hash brown and tomatoes) and is accompanied by a box of cereal and a fruit juice.

Tea time packs are also delivered at the same time and consist of a sandwich and two other items from cakes, cookies, crisps, yoghurts and fruit.

Included in each delivery is a ‘Safe and Well’ check.  This is of great benefit for the customer and also offers peace of mind for the family.  The drivers who are all trained are checking to see that everything is ‘normal’ for that customer.  If there are any concerns they will phone the office and we will ring the next of kin, carer or relevant authority.

Causes for concern consist of people loitering outside, bogus workmen, not being able to enter the property, the customer is more anxious or confused than normal, the house is cold, the customer is not dressed if they normally are or the meals have not been eaten to name a few.

The driver will also do small tasks to assist the customer. Un lid the meal, plate the meal, cut the meal up, help the customer to the table, take the meal to them in their chair, pick the post up etc. Time is limited but this always helps and builds a relationship. We have many statistics to show the benefits.

The cost £4.25 per meal.  This is the same whether hot or frozen, dinner, breakfast or tea.  To start the service, it only takes a phone call to 01623 490010.

Our web site is


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