Is It Really Now Circa 1000 Houses Being Built on Bramcote Green Belt?

Claire Taylor-Wilson writes: I have just read a link that Paul Nathaniel posted regarding The NCC and White Hills Trust land transfer deal. It’s quite clear from those emails that part of the deal will be that the new Bramcote School off Moor Lane will have to provide an access route to what is currently the old quarry land so that the land can be developed for residential housing. See attachments. Are people aware of this? The Head of the Trust insists that land is for school playing fields, I’ve asked him the question directly and his response was they will be school fields.

It’s also clear that the current Bramcote School site would have to be sold for residential housing as there is no other way to fund the primary school extension (which will be essential for the new housing)

I’d be really interested in seeing if the Bramcote community is aware of the full proposal or not and what people’s thoughts are on the now 2 extra plots being developed for yet more housing. At least one of which, if not both will be accessed off Moor Lane. This is fast becoming a project for 1000 new houses, not the 350-400 originally proposed. (600 on Coventry Lane playing fields, 50 on the Bramcote school and probably another 300 on the quarry land).

The community as far as I know were majority in favour of some development as the new school is so desperately needed. Would they have been so in favour of they had known it wasn’t going to be 350 houses but a 1000? I certainly wouldn’t have been and I have 2 children that will shortly be needing secondary education.

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1 Response to Is It Really Now Circa 1000 Houses Being Built on Bramcote Green Belt?

  1. Susan A says:

    Many thanks for bringing this to our notice, Claire. Where is the additional infrastucture required to support 1500 new homes and families in Bramcote and Field Farm? GPs, dentists, schools are all required – who will provide the funding and where will these be sited?

    It has become increasingly obvious that objecting to the latest new planning proposal is just a waste of time; the Council pay lip service to what they laughingly call ‘consultation’ and residents’ views are figuratively filed in the WPB every time. The builders and Council planners won’t rest until every inch of Bramcote and Bramcote Hills is buried beneath tons of concrete.

    Susan A.

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