Comment from Nick Palmer on Selection of Greg Marshall as Labour Party Candidate

Nick Palmer writes: I decided on further reflection not to push my application to stand in the General Election. Instead, I decided to support the candidate who has now been chosen, Beeston Cllr Greg Marshall. We’ve been friends for many years, and more importantly for the election he has an outstanding knowledge of current constituency issues – he sits on the finance, policy and planning committees for the council. We share an idealism for a better society and a better world, as well as a passion for environmental issues. I’ve never wanted to waste time supporting candidates who simply saw politics as a career and a greasy pole.

Broxtowe, in my opinion, needs representation by someone who cares above all about a decent society and making our community thrive, rather than primarily about their personal careers. We need honest and principled representation, rather than the obsession with personal image at the expense of actual solid commitment that in my view has characterised too much of our current MP’s approach to politics.

As things stand in the polls, the Conservatives are hoping for such a huge majority that they get a blank cheque. That would give them a free hand to do – what? Do the Conservatives want a soft or hard Brexit? How much would they put tax and National Insurance up for ordinary people? How far will they undermine the pension guarantee? Will they continue to allow the NHS, social care and education to decline? The Conservatives are being deliberately vague on all these issues.

But a blank cheque is not in the interest of Britain and the British people. They are not even in the interest of the Conservative Party. Parliament needs strong, independent-minded MPs who will listen to the views of people in Broxtowe and can hold any Government to account – that’s exactly what Greg will do. I plan to open this email list to updates from him as well as commentaries from me so you can judge for yourself. Even if you usually vote Tory or LibDem or Green (and I really hope the Greens won’t stand against Greg, who is exceptionally committed to environmental and progressive values), do consider whether Broxtowe wouldn’t be best served with a genuinely strong, independent-minded MP.

How can you help?

1. Sign up for Greg’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and see his website (see below!)

2. Let Greg know if you can help with leaflet delivery or doorstep canvassing and if you’d like a poster.

3. And – last but not least – don’t forget to vote Labour on Thursday in the County election, and give the campaign a flying start!

Thank you once again to all the hundreds of people who have written heart-warmingly to me recently and over the years. I’ve said it before; it’s been an honour and a privilege to serve you, whether you voted for me or not, and it was the highlight of my life.

Best wishes

From Greg Marshall

Hello everyone,

I’d like to introduce myself. But first I’d like to thank Nick for his 13 years (and more) of hard work and dedication for the people of Broxtowe. Nick has always engaged with people in a dignified and positive way, concentrating on issues and discussion rather than attacking personalities. These are the qualities that I admire in politics and I hope and promise to work in much the same way. I look forward to campaigning with him as much as possible and hope that he will play a key role as we work to help win Broxtowe back for Labour.

You’ll be hearing lots from me, but here’s an introduction:

I was born and raised in Attenborough and attended my local schools, Meadow Lane, College House and Chilwell. I now live in Beeston with my wife Jane, who I met through work and my two daughters who also attend local schools in Chilwell.

In 2011, I was elected to Broxtowe Borough Council to represent the Beeston West ward, doubling Labour’s vote share through promises to stand against austerity and fight against cuts being imposed upon Broxtowe Council. Since then, I have delivered on promises to bring about fairness for local residents. I’ve secured victories on Broxtowe Borough Council such as making them a Living Wage employer, and putting into place a policy of no evictions to Council house residents who cannot afford to pay the bedroom tax.

I’m extremely honoured to have been selected as the Labour party candidate to take on the Tories in the upcoming General Election. I’m from Broxtowe and for Broxtowe and I’m looking forward to talking to people up and down the constituency to hear your views and concerns. I promise that I will always work hard for you. I want a country that works for everyone, not just the privileged few and will campaign hard in the forthcoming weeks to help achieve this. If you’d like to be part of this campaign or you would just like to chat, please get in touch. I’ll be launching a website, facebook and twitter account in the next few hours.

Best wishes,


Email –
Phone – 07498 080813
Facebook –
Twitter – @greg4broxtowe

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7 Responses to Comment from Nick Palmer on Selection of Greg Marshall as Labour Party Candidate

  1. Nick,
    Since you mention Greg Marshall sits on the Broxtowe BC planning committee could you ask him to comment on the fact that the County Council has been told by White Hills Park federation that UNANIMOUS SUPPORT (sic) had been given by Broxtowe’s “Planning Committee, local councillors and executive” following a meeting apparently requested by Broxtowe for the proposals to transfer freehold land to the federation (a company) and other matters – see pages 1 & 2 of the document at:

    thanks in advance,


    • Councillor Richard MacRae says:

      Thank you for posting this letter. As a member of the Planning Committee at Broxtowe Borough Council what really concerns me is how it says unanimous support from the Planning Committee.

      How can this be when no planning application has been discussed at a Planning Committee meeting which has involved myself. So there for how can this be unanimous support.

      Surely before such a statement can be published any application needs to be debated at full Planning Committee.

      I hope someone can explain what’s going off here.

      • Richard,
        Worrying for the directors of white hills park and something for the new county councillors to unravel.
        What is needed is a policy that secures long term education infrastructure in Bramcote.
        Giving away assets and infrastructure is not the way to do that.
        Best wishes for tomorrow!

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        I hope that you two are posting this information to all the wards in Broxtowe, and indeed to the whole of the County.

  2. Howard Shakespeare says:

    Nick Palmer writes, “I decided on further reflection not to push my application to stand in the General Election”.
    Really? Or was there a decree from Labour HQ?
    It doesn’t matter who stands for Corbyn’s party, the result is a foregone conclusion.
    The people don’t want extremists in government.

    • Joan Wade says:

      Be aware Howard when you start throwing about words like extremist that society’s view can change. Today and to many people Mr Corbyn’s views on being opposed to the unnecessary killing of human beings, wanting a fairer taxation system and investment in infrastructure make him an extremist. In the future Ms May’s declared willingness to press a button that would result in thousands of innocent men women and children being killed and vaporised might make her seem to be the extreme one. The course of history has shown that the centre ground and what is regard as extreme can shift. Few if any Conservatives today would openly support slavery or child labour and yet at one time those opposed to such positions were seen as the dangerous radicals.

  3. Claire Taylor says:

    According to the document linked above part of the deal is that the WHFT must leave a access road to plot 3 to allow that land to be developed for residential housing. Plot 3 is the old quarry land that the head of WHFT keeps insisting is going be used for the school playing fields. The access road to this new development will be from Moor Lane.
    It also confirms the current Bramcote school will be sold for further residential housing to fund the Primary School extension.
    Absolutely disgusted at how underhand this all is and that plot 3 and the current Bramcote school residential developments have not been publicly discussed at all but are quite obviously part of the overall package. Not only have they not been discussed the public message has been that the quarry land will be used for playing fields and the school site for leisure purposes.

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