Housing development on Bramcote School playing fields

Ellie Winfield

The proposed development is a complex issue with competing interests of environment, education and housing.

The green space in Bramcote is an important nature corridor and locally Labour has a record of voting to prevent uncontrolled development there.

However, we are facing a housing crisis and the current Tory-controlled Broxtowe council is falling woefully short of its housing targets – leaving it vulnerable to applications to build on the green belt.

My view is that the best solution is to have a robust, measured and well-tested plan that balances the needs of the community in a sensitive and progressive way.

I believe my pledges:

  • To campaign for more affordable homes locally while being sensitive to the need to protect our green spaces and green belt; and
  • To fight for proper funding for schools so that ALL our children, in Bramcote and Beeston North have equal access to good quality education

make clear that I will fight for the people of Bramcote and Beeston North to secure the best outcome in a very difficult position. This has been imposed on our community by

  1. the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition government when they cancelled the schools rebuilding program and;
  2. the current Conservative government that has refused ALL applications for funding to rebuild the Bramcote School.

I would ask the sitting councillors in Bramcote and Beeston North, Liberal Democrats Steve Carr and Stan Heptinstall: What have you done to balance these competing demands of preserving our greenbelt, providing our children with a safe and fit for purpose school facility and alleviating the housing crisis?

And I would ask the Conservative to stand up to his government, as its policies and refusal to fund the school have created this situation.  Perhaps he should consider crossing the floor and backing Labour if his personal pledge to adequately fund and resource our local schools is to be met as it seems to be somewhat at odds with his national party’s position. The Tory government has not only refused all funding applications to assist Bramcote school improve its buildings, but is cutting funding for schools right across Broxtowe.

Only LABOUR can be trusted to negotiate this sensitive situation for the benefit of all. Vote for me on the 4th May and I will work with fierce dedication and commitment to secure the best outcome for our community, something our current Conservative Borough Councillors and Lib Dem County councillors have failed to do.

Ellie Winfield


About Sue Sambells

Editor of Bramcote Today. Chair of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch (NottsWatch). Lead Coordinator for RVR, Bramcote - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
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10 Responses to Housing development on Bramcote School playing fields

  1. Steve Carr says:

    Hmmm. We were in partnership with your party Ellie until 2015 so your perceived failure of the Liberal Democrats is also your party’s failure?

    We are no longer in that situation and the fact that your leader on the Borough Council has publicly stated he will build on Bramcote’s green belt whatever speaks volumes.

    Really don’t need any lectures from the present Labour Party who are handing power to the Tories on a plate.

  2. Steve Carr says:

    Also, to attack our retiring Councillor, Stan Heptinstall, is very poor. He has done more for Bramcote’s Communtiy than you have ever done or likely to do.

    • Sally Best says:

      There is no attack here as far as I can see, just a question.
      Do you not have plenty of positive things to say about what you and Stan have been doing on the matter to resolve this without resorting to insults Steve?

  3. davidwatts12 says:

    Who is Ellie Winfield? I’ve never seen her doing anything for Bramcote. I’ve never heard of her until this election. In the 16 years that I was a councillor I cannot recall her ever contacting me about ANY issue to do with our community. She asks what Stan Heptinstall has done. the answer is very simple. Stan has worked tirelessly for the residents of Bramcote for many, many years. His commitment to Bramcote led to the Queen awarding him an MBE. I am constantly amazed how much Stan has managed to do, and keeps doing. Perhaps before launching silly criticisms Ms Winfield should actually check some of her facts. This sort of silly attack on Stan does no favours to the Labour Party whatsoever.

    • Neil Elliot says:

      Attacks? Just read the thing and they look like perfectly valid questions to me. I’d like to know the answers for one actually.

    • Neil Elliot says:

      I’ve lived round here for 40 years and I haven’t the foggiest who you are so what sort of question is “who is Ellie Winfield?”

      • davidwatts12 says:

        If you’ve lived in a Bramcote for 40 years then you’ve received at least 4 leaflets a year from me and my colleagues for the last 16 years, and from my predecessors for many years prior to that. Maybe try reading them?

    • Sally Best says:

      You have not answered the question set, you say Stan has done many great things, I don’t doubt this, but what have he and Steve been doing on this matter in particular?
      Do you really think it is acceptable to respond to what you mistakenly believe is an insult by insulting someone?

  4. Neil Elliot says:

    So you admit to failing then Steve?

  5. Steve Carr says:


    I admit to being one of 2 councillors who voted against taking it out of the greenbelt whilst all the Tories and 75% of Labour councillors voted for it.

    Very different.

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