Conservative ‘Spring in Touch’ out now

Bramcote Conservative Delivery Team are distributing their Spring In Touch to all households in the Ward.   Click the link to see the leaflet.  Bramcote Conservative Spring in Touch 2017

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6 Responses to Conservative ‘Spring in Touch’ out now

  1. Is the Conservative Party leaflet OUT of touch?

    Councillor, Council Leader and Bramcote resident, Richard Jackson reports his council agreeing to a figure of 240 homes off Coventry Lane within the green belt.
    In fact the Jobs and Economy agenda for 26 January cites figures of 540 homes off Coventry lane. 300 homes on the east in Bramcote and 240 on the west in Stapleford.

  2. Lee Fletcher says:

    I am very pleased to see the Council making the best out of a difficult situation; they could have easily sat back and blamed the previous administration, but instead they are getting on with running the area- something other parties should learn from. The situation isn’t ideal but like the article mentions, we get a new state of the art school and they can protect the local green space that is Bramcote Park- a job well done if you ask me!

    • RichHartman says:

      Read the leaflet again: they have indeed blamed the previous administration for the housing target. As Mr Willan says below, they haven’t protected our greenbelt at all: they are releasing greenbelt land for development (houses and a (private) school). Sure, they have no choice but to grant consent for new houses (although they refused consent on Field Farm and the Deddington Lane golf course but were promptly overruled by Ms Soubry’s government’s planning inspector) in order to meet the target, but greenbelt land IS being developed, not ‘protected’. Not these bits, anyway.

    • Steve Carr says:

      Would you be you Lee Fletcher?

      Vice Chair of Broxtowe Conservative Association. No wonder you think it is “job well done.”

  3. Richard Willan says:

    I’m struggling to understand the headline ‘New School Helps to Protect Our Green Belt’. What credence does this have when the existing Green Belt clearly didn’t offer much protected status? Additionally, a vast swathe of land is being taken out of the Green Belt so that the proceeds of some of the land can be handed over to a school not under local authority control. I understand the need for the WHPFT to redevelop the campus but I think the public should be fully informed of the facts without disingenuous political ‘spin’.

  4. Steve Carr says:

    Also I would like to make a personal clarification. The headline “Labour and LibDems reject £1miliion pothole fund” is incorrect and it is on record as being so. Myself and Jackie Williams abstained. We actually agreed that more should be spent on potholes BUT what the Tories fail to tell you is that their proposal was part of a budget submission which would have denied an extra £4.2million for Children’s Service and Social Care. Also it is only if there is any money left at the end of the year. As Liberals, we were not prepared to support that so we abstained. If they had presented it as an isolated policy I would have voted for it. But as ever they play it so that they can get a headline.

    I would like an apology for this please.

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