Bus Fare Increases on trentbarton

Councillor Richard MacRae writes: trentbarton Bus fares go up from today.

Also you can no longer use the Robin Hood Card from or to the Sherwin Arms stops. It’s been changed to Moss Drive/Town Street and Cow Lane/Derby Road in both directions.

Tram connect tickets will also no longer be available on 18. Which means anyone catching the 18 from Stapleford/Bramcote to Beeston Interchange to then hop on the Tram will now have to pay even more money.

Single fares will increase by 10p, while ‘2trip’ return tickets will increase by around 20p and the Nottingham city fare will go up to £2.20. MANGO card fares will also increase in line with these changes.

The services affected are

Skylink Nottingham
Skylink express
20 & 21
Keyworth connection
Rainbow one
Rapid one
Cotgrave connection
Rushcliffe mainline
Rushcliffe villager

Tram connect tickets will also change. Adult day returns will be £4.80, seven day £24 and 28 day £75. Child day returns will rise to £2.90, seven day £14, and 28 day £40.

See: https://www.trentbarton.co.uk/news-and-media/our-news/article/changesfrom26march2017

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2 Responses to Bus Fare Increases on trentbarton

  1. Councillor Richard MacRae says:

    I have also written to City Councillor Nick McDonald regards the change of the Robin Hood Travel Card. It was only last year he told Councillor John McGrath and myself that it would eventually be extended into Stapleford. Obviously not.

    Stapleford Town Council have also sent a letter to him as well.

  2. Richard,

    Bramcote is being asked to take a HUGE number of new homes, as is Stapleford. Yet the City Council, far from assisting with public transport provision in the area, is making things worse.

    “The Robin Hood Network is a partnership of bus, tram and train operators working together with both Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council.” http://robinhoodnetwork.co.uk/information.html

    So can we presume that the news that “There will be a slight change to the Robin Hood boundary, Sherwin Arms on the western edge of the boundary will move slightly inwards to Cow Lane” was agreed with the County Council? http://robinhoodnetwork.co.uk/cards-and-tickets/where-can-i-use-it.html

    If so, what WERE our County Councillors doing agreeing to such a change?

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