Road traffic incident on A52 last night

DSC_0268There was yet another incident on the A52 in Bramcote this Friday night on the stretch approaching the Sherwin Arms Roundabout, involving up to 10 vehicles being damaged, over a 100 yard stretch, both on the road and parked on Resident’s frontages.  Two vehicles were written off in this incident but thankfully no one was seriously injured – miraculously!! 

It appears that two cars were racing and one lost control, mounted the pavement,  resulting in one sign being totally demolished, (see photo) a lamppost being completely sheered off and other sign damage. The driver and passenger of one of the vehicles fled the scene. Had anyone been on the pavement at the time, there would have almost certainly have been a fatality.

Hopefully this latest incident will be taken into account,  and together with my Parliamentary Petition, and previous incidents, the need for some form of Speed Control is now more pressing than ever.

 Tony Smith (Long term Bramcote Resident)

About Sue Sambells

Editor of Bramcote Today. Chair of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch (NottsWatch). Lead Coordinator for RVR, Bramcote - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
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19 Responses to Road traffic incident on A52 last night

  1. Alex L says:

    This is very scary. I won’t let my daughter stand on the crossing as vehicles often mount curb. Pleased to hear that no fatalities this time.

    • Sue Sambells says:

      Thanks Alex – I’ve added L to conform with our naming policy, which I presume you overlooked.
      Yes, agreed. Are you on twitter? If so, add your thoughts to @NottsLocalNews their tweet re the petition.

  2. Cllr Martin Plackett Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    As Tony Smith says a truly dreadful accident, but thankfully and mercifully no fatalities. Following Tony’s petition seeking traffic speed monitors devices along our stretch of the A52, this latest event underlines even more the need for action by the Department of Transport/ Highways England.
    I have asked our Member of Parliament Anna Soubry if she believes it appropriate to ask them to take into account yesterday evenings incident as they consider the petitions demands.

  3. Barry Morrison says:

    Ask the clowns who called the previous accident ”a freak accident” what they think..My opinion is that this should never have been made into four lanes. I live 100 yards away from this location

  4. Mark Holmes says:

    I agree with Barry. This will happen again; I have just returned from Nottingham (Sunday am)and witnessed a van racing down A52 at 60 plus mph weaving in and out and undertaking cars. As I had said before; this will result in pedestrian deaths soon: Three schools and one leisure centre make the chances of it being a child highly likely.

  5. Pete Chesney says:

    It’s the same every weekend (and some weekdays), you can hear idiots on bikes and in cars racing our of town. I appreciate some people say what’s the point in speed cameras, going a few mph over the limit is OK, but that’s not really the big issue on this stretch of road – it’s people genuinely doing 50, 60 plus, typically in the evenings & early hours. Hopefully the Highways Agency will stand up and actually do something to improve things rather than make some bureaucratic/anti-red tape excuse to do nothing (“not the right type of accident, not enough people injured, yet” etc.)…

  6. Mark Holmes says:

    This has been a problem with racing/ speeding in the area for a long time. I was part of the neighbourhood watch team in the 2000’s and attended meetings at Broxtowe BC at the Town Hall. There was a local traffic survey inc monitoring speed; one motorist was clocked at over 70mph on Hillside Road. We predicted deaths then but no action. We have now had deaths in our area but the same ambivalence and same arguments. Anyway let’s put our heads in the sand again and hope it all goes away. Ps sick of being told I am part of the ‘nanny state’ or ‘right on brigade’ : I’m just a resident who happens to be a concerned parent, motorist and ex commuting cyclist (16 years in the saddle going to QMC but too dangerous these days).

  7. Pete Chesney says:

    According to official Government guidelines, there must be AT LEAST 4 people killed or seriously injured and AT LEAST 8 personal injury accidents on a specific stretch of road in the last 3 calendar years for things like cameras to be considered. Looks like it’s a numbers game.

  8. markholmes7 says:

    I know of 2 fatalities and 3 personal injuries (3 school children 2 of which were at the horrible junction of Thoresby Road ) in the last 12 months. I presume the latest crash will increase the personal injuries side . I wonder how the statistics are collated i.e. Do they have to be reported to The Police and what defines a “stretch of road”?

  9. Sue Sambells says:

    Anna Soubry, in her latest newsletter, says:

    There has been another serious crash on the A52 involving two cars racing against each other. Late last year, two people were killed on the same stretch of the A52 and it’s believed high speed was a contributing factor to that accident.
    On Friday evening, the crash on the outbound lane approaching Bramcote roundabout, caused extensive damage to residents’ cars parked in drives. A lamp post was sheered off and a large road sign was demolished. I am told a driver and passenger from one of the vehicles ran off.

    Bramcote campaigner Tony Smith, who organised a 1,600 strong petition which I presented to Parliament last month, tells me any pedestrian on the pavement would have been seriously injured, if not killed. I have contacted the local Police Inspector for more details and tomorrow will contact Highways England. Friday evening’s incident is yet more evidence of the need for urgent speed curbing measures. The lack of speed cameras means the A52 is a known road where cars and other vehicles can speed with impunity and some can indulge in dangerous racing.
    Highways England is due to complete its review of the A52 this month and I will continue to make the case for the measures we desperately need.

  10. P. Atkins says:

    I am afraid the A52 is no different to any other road, cars speeding driving through red lights, using mobile phones, is common everywhere. Speeding from the Sherwin Arms to Stapleford at 50 & 60 Plus is quite common, they don’t stop at the zebra crossing, they overtake queuing traffic approaching the Sherwin Arms Roundabout, and drive the wrong way round the central reservation outside the Post Office all the time. My husband walks to the Post Office every morning to fetch his paper, and has lost count of the number of times he has nearly been killed. It doesn’t matter which road you drive on this is happening all the time, these drivers need taking of the roads sooner than later.

    • Barry Morrison says:

      P Atkins is right..I use the newspaper shop and post office daily and the amount of times I see cars behind a stationery bus whose drivers can’t be bothered to wait till the bus pulls out, decide to go round the wrong side of the bollards oblivious to what might be coming the other way…One day..Yes, one day somebody’s gonna get hurt, or worse.

  11. Gill Yamin says:

    Adding to the problem of speeding traffic is the danger caused by the lack of traffic lights and the poor visibility at the bottom of Town Street. If you are waiting there to cross to Stapleford it is not possible to see all the traffic approaching the junction along the A52 from Nottingham.. As it is also not possible to see from the bottom of Town Street whether the traffic lights on the A52 are red or green, you cannot know if it is safe to cross unless there is traffic actually stopped at the lights. At quiet times, when there is not much traffic anywhere on the roundabout, it can be particularly difficult; and that is also the time when cars are most likely to be speeding down the A52. Many years of practice have helped me to judge when to cross in safety, but the junction is particularly dangerous for people who do not know the road. I hope any review of the traffic on that stretch of the A 52 will include consideration of this issue.
    Gill Yamin

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Gill, I did suggest on one of these “conversations” that our councillors might consider pushing for some form of ‘repeater’ light visible ONLY to vehicles at the bottom of Town Street to alleviate the problem you describe. However, as always, it didn’t even merit a reply. Perhaps they are waiting for a Number 18 bus to be ‘T-boned’ before anything is done.

    • Mike Johnson says:

      Hi Gill
      I try to avoid accessing the Sherwin Roundabout from the bottom of Town Street. I use Church Street and / or Cow Lane instead as visibility is better from those roads on to the A52 and more distance and time to cross over to the outside lane.

  12. Ian Blakeley says:

    Its gone very quiet about this accident. Does anybody know if the pair that ran away have been caught, charge etc.

  13. Mark Holmes says:

    Looks like another accident then this morning [6 April]. Is anyone “non official” keeping a list? A couple of hours later in term time that area would be busy with children/ parents. That lamp post / car could have done some serious damage (bearing in mind the two deaths further up the road by the University; the student that died on March 30th 2017 and 26 year old woman on October 8th 2016). Perhaps it’s time to get the University involved as welfare interests to their students. Would be nice to see the schools apply pressure too as no one is listening to us.

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