Press Release from Broxtowe Borough Council relating to Former Golf Course

A Government Inspector has overturned Broxtowe Borough Council’s decision to refuse a planning application at the former Bramcote Hills Golf Course site.   

The Council’s Planning Committee felt that proposed development would have an adverse impact on the open and undeveloped nature of the site, which would detract from the picturesque surroundings of Bramcote Ridge and Bramcote Hills as a whole and the application was refused in July 2016.  

Leader of the Council, Councillor Richard Jackson said: “I am extremely disappointed that local democracy has been overturned by an unelected planning inspector in spite of our concerns about the application and its impact locally.

Our Planning Committee listened to local residents in reaching its decision to refuse permission for this development. It appears that the planning inspector hasn’t taken this or the government’s stated desire to protect open spaces and respect the views of local people and their elected representatives into account.

I am meeting with the Secretary of State next week and this issue will be at the top of the agenda.”

For more information, please contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 3482 or email

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3 Responses to Press Release from Broxtowe Borough Council relating to Former Golf Course

  1. Graham Taylor says:

    You should also meet with our local MP. Its about time she stepped up to the plate. This stands the Tory Party in very bad state. It stood , in its manifesto, for protecting the Green Belt and since elected its done just the opposite.

    Any wonder we no longer have faith in politicians?

    • Stephen Henshaw says:

      I completly agree with the comments above, A decision like this only undermines people’s belief in local government and local politicians. How many times do we see a decision put out for “consultation” when we know it is already a done deal. What is the point of the Bramcote Forum and all the good work it does only to have local views swept aside. With hindsight and the forces ranged against us with this planning application what chance did we really have?

  2. Mike Johnson says:

    I understand that the ITV News at 4.30pm this afternoon (4 March) will have a story about the Planning Inspectors Decision. With Interviews with Mrs Rathour, the Owner of the Golf Course Site, Councillor Richard Jackson, Leader of Broxtowe Council and myself Mike Johnson, Chair of Bramcote Hills Open Space Protection Group.

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