Next Arrival on the HS2 Line: A Brand New City

HS2 LogoReading this morning’s Sunday Times an article with the above headline caught my eye. It starts:

With its bleak industrial landscape if crisscrossing rail tracks and long lines of parked freight trains, Toton Sidings is unlikely to win a ‘Beautiful Britain’ contest.

However, the rail depot in the East Midlands is set to be transformed into the site of Britain’s next city, Sir David Higgins, chairman of the HS2 rail project, said this weekend.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Higgins predicted that plans to make Toton a station on the £56bn rail network will spark a wave of commercial activity and housebuilding that could ultimately result in the creation of a city sandwiched between Nottingham and Derby…………..

Extracted from the Sunday Times.

The article goes on to say the site is one of the best connected in England and that local authority leaders are considering forming a development body similar to the London Development Corporation that kick started Canary Wharf.

It goes without saying that there are huge implications in this!

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2 Responses to Next Arrival on the HS2 Line: A Brand New City

  1. Fred R says:

    Based on the word of the HS2 chairman with a natural interest in bigging up the project. Let’s wait until less partisan pundits predict a “new city” and more objective material evidence emerges. I’m agnostic about HS2, but I don’t need a super-sensitive hype detector to smell the hyperbole off this “prediction”.

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