Broxtowe Planners Advice on Local Plan Part 2 Published

Paul Nathanail, Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum writes: Broxtowe’s planning officers have published their advice to the Jobs and Economy Committee to consider at its meeting on 26 January.

The agenda and supporting papers, including the proposals for Part 2, for the Broxtowe Jobs and Economy meeting on 26 January are available from:

I will provide a summary of the key points as they affect Bramcote at the Bramcote Neighbourhod Forum meeting on Monday.‎ Forum members can contribute and vote at such meetings.

Anyone not yet a member can sign up at:

Paul Nathanail
Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum

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5 Responses to Broxtowe Planners Advice on Local Plan Part 2 Published

  1. Graham Heal says:

    There is an awful lot here to take in, but it makes pretty explosive reading. Calls into question the commitment to protect the greenbelt!

  2. Paul Nathanail says:

    Many many thanks to the 87 or so folks who turned out on Monday night – one of the foggiest I remember for a long time – to agree the Forum’s message to Broxtowe’s Jobs & Economy Committee ahead of their meeting tomorrow night.

    I was grateful for the positive, polite and friendly atmosphere in which the meeting was carried out – long may that continue to be the case!

    And a big big thank you to the Steering Committee members who sorted out the venue, greeted attendees and registered those not yet members of the Forum.

    I will post a copy of the letter sent as a result to this website tomorrow (It has already been sent to members of the Forum this evening).

    • The text of the letter sent yesterday to Cllr Tony Harper, Chair of the Broxtowe BC Jobs & Economy Committee ahead of tonight’s meeting:

      25 January 2017

      Dear Tony,


      I am writing to you in my capacity as the chairman of Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum to ask you on behalf of the Forum to postpone a decision on the recommendation on land allocation made to you by the Director of legal and planning services in a report included in the papers submitted to the Jobs and Economy committee ahead of its meeting on 26 January 2017.
      Members of the Forum met on 23 January 2017 to discuss the recommendations made to your committee. Our detailed review of the report made to you has identified significant uncertainties in the evidence presented to you and also potential further community benefits that ought to be easily realisable given the considerable price the community is being asked to pay and the high value of the land the public is being asked to surrender to an independent body.
      There is considerable support for the replacement of the White Hills Park Federation school buildings and of the Council owned leisure centre, both located‎ on the Bramcote site.
      The recommendation to allocate part of the green belt adjacent to former green belt at the Field Farm site in the form of the Stapleford and Bramcote sites will irrevocably destroy the character of this part of Broxtowe and extend the urban fringe of Nottingham into what is to all intents and purposes open countryside. It will compromise both the openness and the permanence of the green belt in this part of Broxtowe.
      There are no firm protections in place nor anticipated in the report that would secure the building of the new school in the timetable published by the Federation let alone provision for a replacement leisure centre that would comprise a genuine benefit to Broxtowe for giving up its green belt. Indeed there is a considerable risk that the Federation’s timetable will not be accomplished to the detriment of cohorts of students.
      We have identified a number of weaknesses in the report to your committee with respect to phasing of the development, transport, contradictory messages about the financing of the new school, a lack of certainty that the promised local green space will be aby better protected than the green belt, the loss of the final remnant of Bramcote Moor, the lack of certainty about the allocation of land for the new school and leisure centre buildings and the knock on effects on other remnants of the green belt in Bramcote and beyond.
      We urge your committee on the basis of the above points to defer your decision until such time as you have clarity and confidence in what you are being asked to resolve and in the confidence that it will be delivered.
      If you need any clarification or further details ahead of your committee or would like me to address them directly on Thursday please do not hesitate to get in touch either by email or by phone.
      The Forum remains committed to its vision for Bramcote. We are grateful for the willingness of councillors and council staff to engage with our community and look forward to continuing such engagement for the common good of Bramcote and beyond, today and tomorrow‎.
      We recognize that the responsibility for and decision on the future of the Bramcote site and ‎with it that of the green belt and the character of the area lies in the hands of the councillors and of the councillors alone. We will respect your decision and remain willing to continue our discussions with you whatever decision you come to.
      Yours sincerely,

      Paul Nathanail
      for and on behalf of Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum

      cc: Members of Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum

  3. alan beale says:

    Thanks Paul + your team for a very constructive evening.

    What concerns me is the way the paper to committee was worded. Plain words were not used. The paper seemed to be written with the purpose of confusing the reader. Was it written by the legal team at BBC and the words chosen very carefully? Or was it just poorly written?

    The committeee tonight will have to make some brave decisions and if they approve the paper I assume that if we wanted to we could go to Judicial Review. If “we” cannot understand the paper 100% then how can the committee?

  4. Steve Carr says:

    Interesting that some are spinning that building 200 houses to the east and another 200 to the west of Coventry Lane is not an encroachment on Bramcote’s green belt!

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