White Hills Park – Our New School is Coming!

whpf-logoPress release from The White Hills Park Federation Trust:

The White Hills Park Federation Trust is pleased to announce that detailed planning has begun on the Bramcote College site as the first stage towards a new school build. Students arriving back from their Christmas break will have seen workmen around the site, carrying out the detailed topographical survey that will form part of the planning application for our new school buildings. It is an incredibly exciting start to 2017 to see this vital project moving forward so well and we are now looking forward to developing and submitting detailed plans.

The White Hills Park Federation are working in partnership with Cornerstone Assets to deliver the school building project. Cornerstone is a social investment company that works with public bodies to provide commercial property solutions to public policy issues – in this case, helping us to realise the value we have in the Federation land so that we can rebuild and upgrade our school buildings. They have extensive experience successfully working with schools in similar circumstances to deliver new buildings and we were introduced to them by Nottinghamshire County Council who are keen to make sure we offer facilities worthy of our students. We are in initial discussion with architects with a strong track record of designing innovative and successful education buildings and will confirm their appointment soon.

Over the next few weeks, we will be generating the detailed design of the new 11-16 School and 6th Form Centre that will be located on the lower area of the Bramcote College campus. We will be gathering the views of students, staff and members of the local community, so that the design reflects the exciting vision that we have for the Federation and is something that provides the best quality environment for our students for years to come. Indeed, subject to the transfer of the freehold of the unused playing fields adjacent to Coventry Lane along with the Bramcote School site by Nottinghamshire County Council, we will be ready to submit the planning application in the next few weeks. The project has an ambitious but achievable schedule so that we are occupying the new buildings by September 2019. We expect the sale of this land to realise enough capital to finance the entire project and so there will be no impact on the Moor Lane running track and field on Moor Lane, or on any public areas of land including the expanded Bramcote Hills Park.

We have been grateful for the support we have received from a range of partners, including both Nottinghamshire County Council and Broxtowe Borough Council as well as members of our local community groups, all of whom recognise and support the need for the best facilities for our young people. Executive Headteacher, Paul Heery, commented: ‘We are hugely excited by this project, and encouraged by the progress we are making. Our partnership with Cornerstone and Nottinghamshire County Council is proving extremely productive, and we can finally look forward to our students being educated in first-class facilities, providing a wonderful environment for learning and a superb resource for the whole community.’

For further details, please contact: Mike Powell – mike.powell@whpfederation.org

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2 Responses to White Hills Park – Our New School is Coming!


    Parents of children at the WHP schools and local residents have an opportunity to contribute to a “public” consultation the Federation is “advertising” on its website:

    The link to the consultation is at:

    I would encourage as many as possible to provide feedback.

    In my own submission, in the Other Comments category I have suggested that the school buildings should be paid for and owned by the County Council – whose land is being sold to raise the funds for the new buildings. This ought to go a long way to reassuring Bramcote resident Richard Jackson that schools won’t be rebuilt by “dipping into taxpayers’ pockets” as he put it on Thursday.

    Another even better option would be for the County Council to exchange its land for the construction of the new school buildings and a leisure centre to be built on the Bramcote School site before any houses are built. This would eventually release the site of the present leisure centre for a “retirement village” as so many in the community have expressed a desire for. Perhaps the County and Borough council could come to some mutually beneficial arrangement for the running of the new leisure centre by the County having a stake in Liberty Leisure Ltd.

    Just a thought – oh, and Happy New year of the Rooster!

    Paul Nathanail
    Also a Bramcote Resident

  2. The Federation has changed the date of its public consultation event and is also asking for local residents to comment on its plans. Further details on my blog site:https://paulnathanail.wordpress.com/2017/04/01/white-hills-park-federation-consults-on-disposal-of-land-and-surrender-of-lease/

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