Official Minutes of CAT Meeting held 5 December 2016

Click here to read the Minutes of meeting 5 December 2016

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2 Responses to Official Minutes of CAT Meeting held 5 December 2016

  1. I am very grateful to Broxtowe for supporting the CAT meetings as they provide an excellent forum for residents of Bramcote to interact with our council, police and other key players in the community.

    Just for the record, these minutes contain a few issues that I want to comment on.
    1. I attended on behalf of the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum, which I chair. (I am a member of the committee of BHCA but was not present or speaking in that capacity at the CAT meeting).
    2. Item 6:
    a. The reference to Cow Lane should be to Moor Lane.
    b. The WHP does not own the land its schools are located upon; rather it leases them from the County Council
    3. Item 7
    a. The reference to Local Designations is incorrect. The Forum has not yet taken a formal view on the former Bramcote Hills Golf Course. This was recognised by the relevant Council committee when considering the outline planning application last year.
    b. the term used throughout should be “green belt”, “Greenbelt” is a rather enjoyable festival held over the August bank holiday each year that some from Bramcote have attended over the years
    c. the narrative on possible changes to the green belt boundaries reflected the emerging views of Broxtowe planners that are to be put to the relevant council committee later in January 2017. These views emerged at a workshop hosted by the Council in the autumn and attended by representatives of various community groups and private sector companies and organisations.
    d. To be clear the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum’s formally adopted position is that it endorses the present green belt boundaries in Broxtowe and recognises that the boundaries are a strategic matter and hence in the purview of Broxtowe’s councillors.

    Finally if any Bramcote resident is not yet a member of the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum, they are most welcome to join at:

    The Forum’s next general meeting is on Monday 23 January 2017 and members are able to attend and vote.

    If invited, I will be happy to provide another update on the Forum’s activity at the next CAT meeting.

    Paul Nathanail
    Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum

  2. Ian Blakeley says:

    Just one comment ref the CAT meeting. Mr A Beale says that there are two types of camera that could be installed, he is incorrect as there are three types of camera. As well as red light cameras for Pedestrian controlled crossings instead of Speed Cameras why not ANPR enabled cameras. That way vehicles that are uninsured, taxed or MoT current would be traceable, and dealt with.

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