Rolf Noskwith, Bletchley Park Codebreaker, Dies Aged 97

rolf-noskwithRolf Noskwith, thought to be the last surviving Bletchley Park Cryptographer, passed away aged 97 yesterday. Rolf lived for many years in Sandiacre and was connected with Bramcote through his membership of Bramcote and District Probus Club.

Rolf’s father, Charles Noskwith, had a clothing business in Germany, but, seeing the worsening economic and political situation, sold his business and emigrated in 1932 to the UK where he founded Charnos which had factories manufacturing hosiery and lingerie in Long Eaton and Ilkeston.

After attending Nottingham High School, Rolf studied mathematics at Cambridge University and was recruited to work at Bletchley Park where he worked in Hut 8 (Where Alan Turring worked) on German Naval codes. He joined the crib subsection, headed by Shaun Wylie and his biggest accomplishment was breaking the Naval Enigma Offizier settings.

If you visit Bletchley Park today, you can see Rolf’s picture in the museum in a gallery of notable codebreakers. There is a quote from him on one of the walls in the recently refurbished Hut 8.

After Bletchley Park,  Rolf joined Charnos becoming Managing Director.

You can find lots of articles on Rolf Noskwith on the internet. His Wikipedia entry is at

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