Happy Christmas from Anna Soubry MP


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Anna and the team


anna-and-bradCongratulations to Brad Allaway who has won this years’ Christmas Card competition. Brad is a pupil at St John’s C of E Primary School in Stapleford and his winning design has been sent to 13,000 people by post and email.

My thanks to all the schools and pupils who took part. The runners up are Henry Jack from Awsworth Primary, Thomas Cragg from Bramcote C of E Primary, Mae Granville from Banks Road Primary in Toton, Hannah McGowan from Chetwynd Primary also in Toton, Reuben Mason of St John’s C of E, Paige Manton from Greasley Beauvale and Marina McNicholls from John Clifford Primary in Beeston.

Snap Christmas in Broxtowe!

Next year’s competition is open to everyone in the constituency and I would like your entries now! Please send me your photographs of Christmas and New Year in Broxtowe. The winner will feature on the front of next year’s Christmas Card. 

There have been as many congratulations as complaints about the various Christmas activities organised by Broxtowe Borough Council. I share the concerns as well as the successes. There will be a proper debrief with lessons learnt so we get the very best celebrations next Christmas.

Helipad success

It didn’t attract much attention but in last month’s Autumn Statement the Chancellor announced the full £1.3 million to fund a helipad at the QMC. I had supported the proposal and urged Philip Hammond to fund the project which will save lives.

Anonymity of suspects in criminal investigations

A number of high profile people have been subjected to wholly false allegations in recent times. Their distress has been compounded by the media publishing their names and details of the allegations; the ensuing distress and damage to the reputation of the accused and their family are immeasurable. 

I tried to change the law back in 2011 so that all suspects remain anonymous until they are charged. In certain circumstances, notably when there is a need for other victims to come forward, the police could apply to a Judge for an order to name the suspect. My ‘right to anonymity’ is not confined to allegations of a sexual nature but to all criminal investigations and would provide protection for everyone not just the famous. 

I raised the matter at Prime Minister’s Questions this week and got an encouraging response from Theresa May. Afterwards MP’s from all parties expressed their support. I will now campaign to change the law and make this one of my priorities next year.

Attenborough rail crossings

My thanks to Attenborough residents including Councillor Eric Kerry, for informing me about Network Rail’s plans to close most of the crossings in the village. If correct, the two week consultation (over Christmas and New Year!) is not acceptable nor are the plans to many villagers.  I will contact Network Rail on Monday requesting a full and proper consultation. I will of course keep you updated.

A52 anti speed petition gathers hundreds of  signatures 

There has been terrific support for the petition for speed claiming measures including cameras on the A52 – especially between Bramcote Island and the Priory roundabout. Bramcote Councillor Martin Plackett gave details of the campaign at this week’s council meeting and his speech can be read on Bramcote TodayThe petition follows a fatal accident last month involving a speeding car and has been organised by Bramcote resident Tony Smith

Sign the Petition

Parliament tour success

Thank you to everyone who came to Parliament this week to enjoy a tour of both Houses and then some Christmas shopping. It was good to see you all!

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1 Response to Happy Christmas from Anna Soubry MP

  1. stevebarber says:

    Regarding the Attenborough crossings issue, there is a problem, I don’t think the solution will be cheap and in my opinion central government needs to come up with the necessary funds.
    Successive governments ever since the line opened in 1839 have duckwd the issue, whilst all over the country occupation bridges have been built, the latest local examples being near Breaston in Derbyshire.
    This is my response which identifies the problems and suggests the solutions. Hopefully our MP will press for the money.

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I would like the following observations and thoughts to be considered as part of the consultation into the at grade crossings around Attenborough.

    There were 8 at grade crossings along the 3km stretch from Trent junction towards Beeston, this is probably the highest concentration on the Midland Main Line.
    I see one of these has been extinguished with a diversion in place.
    I understand the desire for increased line speed and the need for increased capacity, however, this comes at a price.
    Electrification of this line is hopefully imminent.
    Attenborough nature reserve is a major regional asset and is increasing in popularity. A new attraction is opening at the eastern end (lock cottages).
    There have been a number of fatalities along this stretch.
    You currently have a consultation running which closes on 31December 2016. You have written to several residents of Attenborough.

    My thoughts

    To eliminate all at grade crossings would be expensive. If the purpose is to increase line speed the time savings would be very small.
    Certain crossings must be retained and be fully DDA complaint. These are, Meadow Lane Long Eaton, Barton Lane, one near Attenborough station and Meadow Lane Attenborough. These are all vital links to the expanding SSSI nature reserve which is a very great asset to the region. Circular and linear walks are thus made possible, there is enhancement to the local economies as a result.
    However, a degree of rationalisation is possible which should be done as long term. With increased traffic on the railway the road closure times at Attenborough crossing are becoming unacceptable. This is inconvenient as well as being a safety issue, with emergency vehicle access severely compromised. A road bridge at this location seems unlikely. The gravel works on Long Lane will soon close thus liberating land for a road bridge connecting on to Allendale Ave. This would replace the existing grade crossing from Long Lane. The two existing grade crossings at the station could be incorporated into one pedestrian crossing, DDA complaint, perhaps with lifts at an enhanced station.
    The crossing at Meadow Lane is a vital pedestrian link from Beeston and Chilwell so must be retained and made DDA compliant, no matter what this takes. Could a ramp be built perpendicular to the tracks along the line of the path towards Long Lane?
    Noting the number of fatalities and to put this into perspective, what proportion over the last 30 years have been suicides? The signage and work done by rail industry and Samaritans is highly commendable, but this is a very sad reflection on today’s society and not the fault of the railway.
    I note the closing date and your contact with the local community. However, as this is a major regional issue regarding an asset used by many, can the date be extended and more publicity given?

    Yours Sincerely
    Steve Barber

    Sent from BlueMail

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