Bramcote CAT Meeting 5 December 2016 – The Official Unofficial Minutes

Click on Bramcote CAT Meeting 5 December 2016 – The Official Unofficial Minutes  to read my notes from the meeting.

The items covered are: Cafe in the Park, A52 accident, White Hills Park Federation update including selling the Coventry Lane playing fields and new school buildings, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum update, policing and Neighbourhood Watch and action points from the CAT Meeting on 5 September 2016.

The next CAT Meeting will be on Monday 6 March at 7.00pm at Bramcote Memorial Hall.

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1 Response to Bramcote CAT Meeting 5 December 2016 – The Official Unofficial Minutes

  1. Steve Austin says:

    Editor: Not all the items Councillor Martin Plackett spoke about at the CAT Meeting were in my report as this followed notes sent in by Councillor Plackett earlier. The additional items from Councilor Plackett:

    Island Sponsorship.

    I did report on a meeting I had that morning with Broxtowe Borough Council Officers

    Viability of sponsorship in question. NO likely sponsors on the horizon. Two mentioned at previous meeting now NOT likely and in fact have withdrawn.
    Broxtowe Borough Council taking into account no likely sponsors, the cost of erection of signs, excessive restrictions by Highways England, onerous documentation and the need for Broxtowe to undertake a safety audit (Broxtowe Borough Council have no engineers to undertake) the likelihood of a split three ways any monies received MAY have put Sponsorship in doubt. Martin Plackett to seek meeting with council Leader and Environment to take further. Important to build on maintenance work of Island by Broxtowe Borough Council excellent team of gardeners.

    As reported previously, whilst Highways England would wish to further improve the Island ( a scheme for such work was prepared 12 months ago) and surrounds, monies from Highways England for such works are at a premium and are unlikely to be undertaken in the short to medium term., and would have to compete with all other new road works and maintenance including safety measures in the East Midlands. Estimated extra costs £100,000 for planting and £250,000 plus for new block paving. If this work is necessary, maybe an outside sponsor could be sought for this project?

    Painting Barriers on Devils Bend.

    County Council do not paint but on County Council list for replacement

    Bins in Park.

    Environment to seek help from coffee shop owner to keep area tidy at busy times. Replacement bin following fire to replace next year.

    Entrance to King George’s Park from Town Street

    To be cut and tidied on regular basis.

    Indifferent Weed Killing.

    Contractor revisited. Likely Hood of different contractor next year.

    Resting Seat.

    Possible site on Derby road, Highways England requiring safety audit. Possibility of placing near post box on Handley avenue. County Council approval required may be easier.

    Certainly did not go into the criteria detail as in Highways England briefing for cameras on the A52 at the meeting. (Editor: But did refer to need to meet criteria.)

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