Petition to urge Government to install traffic enforcement measures on A52

A petition is now underway to have some form of permanent 24 hour traffic enforcement measures installed along the busy A52 between Bardill’s Island and the Priory Island. A lot of local residents have expressed concern over the excessive speeding along this stretch of road which passes through Bramcote, and as a result I decided to ask our local MP Anna Soubry if she would support such a petition, to which she offered her full support.

As such this will be in the form of a Parliamentary Petition, being presented in Parliament, and as such can only be undertaken via actual signatures of Broxtowe residents, on paper.  

Copies of this petition are available to sign in local outlets, Sherwin Arms, Bramcote Farm Shop, Bramcote Leisure Centre, Bramcote Post Office, The White Lion, Bramcote  Lane shops, and several schools and nurseries in the area are also assisting.  I would  like to also take this opportunity to thank  the local Councillors for their help in getting this off the ground.

Please feel free to sign , the more we get the better, 

Many Thanks,  Tony Smith  (Long term Bramcote resident)

Petition Form

[ We will post on this site when we hear that the petition is to be handed in to the House of Commons and give you time to get the forms to one of our Councillors and or Barton House.  You might print the petition and obtain signatures from your friends and neighbours. ]

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32 Responses to Petition to urge Government to install traffic enforcement measures on A52

  1. Pete Chesney says:

    I’ve also been in touch with Anna and the Highways Agency regarding this matter. Great to see some action being taken and I am more than happy to complete the petition.
    Sorry if I’ve missed it, but what do we do with the signed petitions and when do they need to be completed?
    Thanks, Pete

  2. Ian Blakeley says:

    Will you please ensure that the Speed Cameras that you want installed are also ANPR enabled in order to catch the drivers/vehicles that are uninsured, not taxed or have no driving licence. If they aren’t ANPR then all they will be is yet another cash raising exercise.
    My personal opinion is that an uninsured driver, no matter how well they drive, is a far more serious risk to others than someone doing a few miles over the speed limit.
    Comments invited.

    • RichHartman says:

      Well said. ANPR kit would also catch all those drivers who like to think they are buses and use the bus lane.
      And will someone please devise a system for catching and penalising cyclists who (a) have no lights on when it’s dark and (b) ignore traffic lights.

  3. Cllr Martin Plackett Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    Completed Petition documents as soon as possible please can be collected by ringing Tony Smith 07904 282443 or Martin Plackett 07496 445 455. Many thanks to everyone for their efforts towards Tony’s very important initiative.

  4. Peter Sharp says:

    Could the cameras then continue down to the Junction 25 slip roads as well as you risk your life crossing the Bardills Island if you want to catch the tram

  5. Andrew Taylor says:

    Speed cameras aren’t the answer, they wouldn’t have stopped the idiot that killed two people last month! I would rather see someone doing 45mph in a 40mph limit if conditions permit paying 100% attention to the road, rather than some one doing 38mph piddling about with their smartphone or other device.

    The answer is getting to police off their backsides, covertly photographing people on phones from the side of the road and prosecuting them. Cameras are an easy fix, and a simple way of raising revenue, they don’t address the real killer.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      The answer really Andrew is more Police, but thanks to the Conservatives we will get even less of them.

    • Howard Shakespeare says:

      Exactly right. Speed cameras are a menace, as we now spend so much of our attention on the speedometer, instead of the road.
      Considering the number of vehicles which use the A52 each week, the number of accidents are microscopic.

  6. Pete Chesney says:

    Having read some of the comments here it makes me wonder if more people should go on speed awareness courses. There’s no such thing as insignificant or acceptable speeding. Even a few miles an hour can make a significant difference in terms of stopping distances and residual speed. So I’m afraid it is worth the inconvenience of checking your speedo. For example, travelling at 38mph rather than 30mph takes 35ft longer to stop and at the stopping point of someone travelling at 30mph the remaining speed would still be 28 mph.

    It’s all about kinetics, apparently…

    Greater police presence would be ideal but if you ask for it you’re basically told they’re already too stretched.

    • RichHartman says:

      Well said. Some years back I went on a speed awareness course and it was a real eye-opener and made you (me,anyway) really think about my driving speed.
      Like with the idiots who use mobile phones while driving, if they had a daughter who had been killed through such moronic behaviour by a driver, I like to think they would stop using their phones.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      What comments do you actually disagree with Peter? Request for ANPR and Red Light cameras. Comment that some people would rather have drivers concentrating 100% on what’s on the road around them than having to keep checking on their speed by LOOKING at the speedo. Speed cameras don’t catch drivers who are texting, or dialling/using phones without a hands free.

    • Andrew Taylor says:

      Undoubtedly, the slower the speed, the less harm an impact with do, and the less likely an impact is to take place. But the logical destination of your argument is a man walking at 4mph carrying a red flag in front of every vehicle!

      Nobody want idiots speeding ridiculously on any road, and the A52 suffers from boyracers late at night, I believe it was for this reason that 50mph average speed cameras were placed on the A38 around Sutton in Ashfield.

      Undertaking on the A52 is often unavoidable, as some members of the local community seem to think that having turned left out of Wollaton Road, they have to travel all the way up to Thoresby Road in the outside line, as they intend turning right there, and those same individuals are often running at 30mph!

      As for overstretched police, if the road were actually that dangerous, which in my experience it’s not, then they’d be there in droves, not only catching speeding drivers, but if their managers, including the PCC, Paddy Tipping, would ensure they were nicking the countless users of mobile devices that you see every day.

  7. Pete Chesney says:

    Hi Ian, it was some of the comments appeared to suggest that there’s an acceptable level of speeding – eg. 5mph or so.

    I didn’t mean to sound “holier than thou” etc, but I though it was worth highlighting that even a small increase can have a significant impact – a message that I think is worth sharing and I wish more people were aware of.

    I agree, red light cameras are good ideas and ANPR cameras sound particularly good – although to be honest I don’t know much about the later (cost, availability etc.).

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      That’s ok Pete, at least you are putting across a point. I’m a bit like Andrew, I’d rather see people concentrating 100% on the road (and pavement) than having to keep looking away to check that they aren’t doing 30+, 40+ a few mph in order to avoid a ticket.

  8. Ian Blakeley says:

    This is my personal opinion but I hope that people will agree, or put up a sensible argument. The biggest problem on the roads today isn’t speeding but rank bad, sometimes dangerous, driving. Speed doesn’t cause accidents, but can be a contribution to the aftermath, as shown by the other week. ANPR cameras may cost more to purchase than speed cameras but the actual running costs won’t be much different. There will be extra costs with the vehicle owners and drivers having to be visited by the police to interview and check paperwork, licenses etc, but this can easily be made into a self funding operation by making the offenders having to pick up the tab for the investigations into their lawbreaking. Imagine the shockwaves through society of this scenario:- ANPR camera picks up offences of no insurance, speeding, VED and MOT, Police visit owner; find that not only was the car not insured on the date of offence but driver has no license. Several hundreds pounds fine, umpteen points on licence, driving ban and as an extra, cost of investigation £2000 (estimated). Oh yes and as an extra, car taken away and crushed.

  9. Peter Chatfield says:

    Having had a driiving license since 1953 and spent most of my subsequent life as a bus/coach driver I believe my experience tells me how fast I am driving. I certainly do not spend time looking at my speedometer. In all of those 60 odd years I have been booked for speeding twice, once in 1970 ( I believe it as) the day before the speed limit for a small van was coordinated with that for a car and again last year approaching Balloon Woods at 32 mph rather than the permitted 30mph.
    I consider that experience and practice should allow all motorists to attain this or a better level of compliance. However, I am completely in accord with all the previous correspondents and except that at the moment I am housebound would love to toddle along and add my signature to the petition,

  10. Steve Carr says:

    Yesterday I sent letters containing the petition to over 300 people living on or near the A52 in Beeston North. Hope it helps.

  11. Cllr Martin Plackett Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    That’s great Steve, many thanks, Martin

  12. Tony Smith says:

    Just a big thank you to all those that have helped distribute, and obtain signatures, and to those that have already signed the petition. As Parliament does not return from the Christmas recess until January 9th, the deadline for signing has been extended until January 4th, as our MP will be presenting the signatures soon after this date.
    Again many thanks for all your efforts, Tony Smith

  13. Tony Smith says:

    Firstly a Happy New Year to all. Many thanks to all that have signed and to all the local Councillors that have helped. The deadline for signing is this coming Wednesday (4th) after which the forms will be collected and taken to our MP’s office. If you have any forms, feel free to give them to myself or any of our local Councillors, or drop them off at the White Lion in Bramcote, or the Bramcote Post Office.
    I will announce the total number of signatures collected in the near future, – lets just hope something positive comes out of our efforts – once again,- many thanks to all involved!!!

  14. Ian Blakeley says:

    Please note that not everyone agrees with your petition as the wording stands. You do not mention the fact that the length of the A52 between the Sherwin Arms roundabout and Bardills Island can in no way be described as being in a residential area. There are no footpaths or cycle lanes along this stretch so why have you included it in your petition. The speed limit along this stretch is 70mph, not 40mph which is where (Priory to Sherwin Arms) your complaints are justifiably centred.

  15. Cllr Martin Plackett Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    A big ‘thank you’ to Community Champion Tony Smith for suggesting and organising the petition.

    Having talked to many dozens of Bramcote folk these last weeks I am convinced more than ever of the need for speed monitoring devices along this Broxtowe stretch of the A 52. Stories of near misses, the fear of crossing the road, cars racing in the early hours of the morning, excessive speeding often beginning from Bardills Island through too the Priory.

    As Tony has arranged the petition will be given to our M P Anna Soubry for presentation to Parliament with the hope that the Secretary of State for Transport will instigate action on what I believe is an essential need to reduce further potential accidents along this dangerous stretch of road.

  16. William Finn says:

    This road has a sensible speed limit for a road with a central reservation.
    While you are it why don’t we just employ people to walk in front of all vehicles with a red flag.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Common sense doesn’t enter into it William. A couple of people have got a bee in their bonnet about an unusual accident that hasn’t occurred previously and is unlikely to ever again. At a ‘Hemlock Happening’ I saw a ‘wish list’, someone had written “reduce speed limit on A52 to 30mph”.

  17. Steve Carr says:

    Oh for goodness sake. A freak accident that you, your neighbours or your family could have been in. Get real.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      I am real Steve Carr. I don’t live on the A52 but I do use it fairly regularly and have been doing so for over 30 years. You have just said it yourself “a freak accident”. Some people take great delight in exceeding the published limit by a large amount is due to the lack of ‘policing’ and I agree that needs to be addressed. I don’t mind there being some average speed cameras and red light cameras (on all the traffic lights) between Priory and Sherwin Island. What is not needed is a reduction to 40 mph (as has been suggested), or cameras between the Sherwin and Bardills or even to the M1. It’s a known fact that many cameras, of all types, are used purely by councils as fund raisers.

      • Sean M says:

        Personally I don’t mind if cameras are used as fund raisers – I’d be very happy to see people who deliberately break the speed limit, funding hospitals, schools and even floral roundabouts.

        As you say – people race along the A52 and only today there was one idiot swerving between lanes to get a few metres ahead, risking everyone for the sake of a few seconds (or more likely – their sense of entitlement and competitivity).

        As for the people who are concerned that they need to keep their eyes on the road without looking at their speedometer, this is entirely bogus – at legal speeds, legal distances and considerate lane use, the fraction of a second that it takes to glance at the display (or tbh just redirect your attention) is of absolutely no consequence – IF IT IS then you shouldn’t be driving – if your vision is THAT ropey then blinking would be dangerous.

        The road is not a place to rebel – a car is a lethal weapon when treated like an aggressive toy by someone with politeness issues. Fighting against speed cameras is not some righteous ‘stick-it-to-the-man’ honourable crusade – just a selfish tantrum. Just keep to the speed limit, don’t get caught because you are not being selfish – it’s easy…..

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        Did you clock him/her Sean, take his number, catch it on Dash Cam. Try reporting it to the police.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        Sean M says “Personally I don’t mind if cameras are used as fund raisers “. That is not what they are there for Sean. Theoretically the revenue from Traffic Enforcement cameras is supposed to fund Road Safety, not Hospitals, Schools or Floral roundabouts. It could be said that having a floral roundabout may well be a road safety hazard as the drivers attention COULD be diverted by the display at the wrong moment.

  18. Ian Blakeley says:

    For the attention of all our County and Borough Councillors. Whilst (some of) you are getting heartily worked up about a freak accident on the A52 I have a suggestion. Why don’t you all start badgering out MP to make strong efforts to have ALL speeding and bus lane tickets checked to ensure that the vehicle at the time of the offence was correctly insured, taxed and driven by a legal driver. There you go, answer that.

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