Company Director from Bramcote Guilty of Planning Offence

A man from Bramcote was handed a £1,300 fine after pleading guilty to contravening planning legislation at Nottingham Magistrates Court. He was also ordered to pay £405 costs and a £130 victim surcharge.

Ian Jowett, 43, of Moor Lane, Bramcote is a Director of Willmark Ltd and owner of Whitley Mill in Stapleford. He was found guilty at a hearing on 4th November after demolishing former warehouse buildings at the mill, which lies within a conservation area, before the planning application had been determined.

Mr Jowett was interviewed under caution, where he stated that the Council had previously given permission for other buildings on the site to be demolished and so he presumed that permission would also be granted for the warehouse.

In sentencing the Magistrates highlighted the seriousness of this issue and although they felt that it was a genuine human error on the part of Mr Jowett, Planning legislation was there for a reason and they did not want this to be seen as a way of circumventing the law.

For more information, please contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 3277 or email

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