A Further Up-date on The Sherwin Island

martin-plackett-latestCouncillor Martin Plackett reports a further up-date on Sherwin Island: I have received an e-mail from Malcolm Dangerfield of Highways England which contains the following referring to Bramcote.

An update to keep you informed of where we have progressed on the issues raised.

Footbridge Painting
I am still chasing on a date for getting this work undertaken. Please be assured this is on my priority of issues to follow up next week.
Bramcote Island Maintenance
Our contractors have this booked in for further maintenance to be undertaken in the last weekend of October. I have instructed additional traffic management and resource to ensure that the entire roundabout is accessed and treated.
Traffic Island Bollards Repairs
The bollard at Priory Island, Wollaton Vale and the one outside the Nursery Man public house (B6006 – turn to Beeston) have been replaced
Bramcote Island Town street Entry
We advised we would investigate whether there was any scope of adjusting the signal timings at Bramcote Island to improve access from Town Street. We have consulted with VIA (Nottinghamshire County Council) regarding the control of the traffic signals. Nottinghamshire County Council manage the traffic signals on behalf of Highways England. The response is as follows.
* There is no scope here to provide longer gaps as it would provide further detriment to existing congestion on the A52
* Further any improvement to Town Street would risk encouraging rat-running down residential roads creating a nuisance to locals.

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6 Responses to A Further Up-date on The Sherwin Island

  1. It’s interesting to see Notts county council recognising the congestion on the A52 and seeking not to make it worse. Let’s hope they take a consistent approach when other proposals to increase congestion on the A52 come forward.

    • RichHartman says:

      I cannot imagine there will be any ‘proposals to increase congestion on the A52’.
      If you are referring to the potential for new houses to be consented on the Bramcote Hills School Federation site and beyond, home ownership does not necessarily equate to car ownership nor to car use. Some may say that increasing traffic congestion leads to slower speeds which makes our roads safer.

  2. Cllr Martin Plackett Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    I have just received a further e-mail from Malcolm Dangerfield of Highways England saying, ‘Sorry it is the CLEANSING I am following up first.’ ‘ The painting is a LONGER term issue, but we are looking into that also.’

  3. Ian Blakeley says:

    The big problem with exiting Town Street is that I do not know when the lights controlling traffic from Nottingham are at red. Is it not possible to have a small repeater red light on the backs of the traffic signal posts that is visible to traffic exiting Town Street. I’ve seen several near misses and have no wish to be witness to any accident.

  4. Ian Tyler says:

    Well done Martin – at times it’s like wading through treacle.

  5. Peter Chatfield says:

    I not many months ago actually had more than a near miss here when a car followed me out of Town Street, I took the correctly signed lane to Ilkeston Road and after passing Derby Road signalled left (avoiding the silly bit of cycle lane) when the other car who had taken the lane for Nottingham moved over to his left and struck my car. I do not know what can be done about similar happenings other than perhaps clearer signing. I do consider the signing at this junction could be improved and should perhaps be examined by all the responsible authorities in detail

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