Notts County Council wish to raise Awareness of Falls

Older people are being reminded of the dangers of falls as part of Falls Awareness Day this week (22 September).

One in three people aged over 65 – and half of those aged over 80 – fall at least once a year and it is estimated that the possible fractures cost the economy more than £2 billion a year. We [Nottinghamshire County Council] are investing £74,000 to promote active lifestyles and minimise the risks of falling amongst older people.

Ageing increase your chances of having a fall. As you get older your bones may become more fragile and break easier if you have a fall.

There is a range of support available to help you prevent falls and stay healthy.

If you have had a recent fall or are worried you may fall, contact your GP.

Tips to prevents falls

  • ensure your footwear fits well
  • remove or secure rugs or loose bits of carpet
  • remove clutter from the floor
  • mop up spillages straight away
  • make sure your house is warm enough
  • switch on the light when getting up in the night
  • use walking aids correctly
  • don’t climb up to reach things out of cupboards.

For more advice click here for – Get up and go booklet.

Further support

For more information visit:

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2 Responses to Notts County Council wish to raise Awareness of Falls

  1. Councillor Richard MacRae says:

    How about spend some money on the bottom of Brookhill Street, Stapleford. An elder lady fell over not long ago and bumped her head. The road is in a terrible state.

    Many pavements here in Stapleford need to be repaired. Many requests have been sent yet many pavements are still in need of repairs.

    Falls and trips happen regularly due to the poor upkeep of our Pavements.

  2. Pete Chesney says:

    How about the Council did something about the awful condition of the footpaths around Bramcote? It’s like the potholes. They seem to think that by drawing a line around them and then doing nothing else they’ll magically disappear…

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