Weeds and Pot Holes

I commented at our recent Community Action Meeting about the many weeds that are still growing in our local roads and foot pathways.  Councillor Martin Plackett forwarded my comment to Broxtowe BC.  We have now been requested; I have now been requested to identify the areas where weeds are situated.  I have today forward photographs of the weeds taken in and around Gateford Close to paul.syson@broxtowe.gov.uk

While photographing the weeds I also took photographs of the Pot Holes in the Close and have forwarded them to laura.trusler@nottscc.gov.uk

Here are three of the photographs I sent.

pot-hole-gateford-close-mpj_0221 weeds-gateford-close-mpj_0212weeds-gateford-close-mpj_0213

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2 Responses to Weeds and Pot Holes

  1. Mike Johnson says:

    I have received a reply from Paul Syson ‘ Mike the contractor will treat this area next week weather permitting’. So hopefully the weeds in our area will be eradicated.

  2. Mike Johnson says:

    Yesterday, I received the following reply from Laura Trusler “Thank you for your email and photographs. I have made arrangements for Gateford Close to be inspected and will get back to you again shortly once this visit has taken place.”

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